K. PATOŁA is a wonderful artist with incredible talent to help bring the story to life. Patoła has produced an impressive array of black and white illustrations of Invertiverse's various strange creatures. The unique and distinct style Patoła brings to the story have cemented the entire tone and feel. You can visit some of Patoła's other fantastic art pieces at the deviantART profile or at the gallery below for select illustrations.

DANIEL WACHTER is a fascinating artist who frequently uses the digital realm to create spellbinding vistas of fantastic worlds. His task for the book was to create three colorful vistas of the many alternate universes the characters stumbled into. He has effortlessly conveyed each of the strange yet beautiful landscapes. Click on the gallery below to see the universes that were depicted. However, be sure to check out his other amazing worlds at his deviantART profile.

LUCAS NUNES once wanted to "dig up dinosaurs", but instead his career path led him to "bring back dinosaurs" in the world of animation, instead. Currently a freelance character animator, Lucas also does fantastic illustrations. His one contribution to Invertiverse is absolutely one of the most important: the cover art. After the idea of the cover was pitched, Lucas delivered an incredibly detailed and impressive result that was nothing short of "eye opening". Visit him on his Twitter or his Facebook page to see more of his work.


ROY GOVIER is a long-time friend and collaborator on site and logo design. His logos for Invertiverse, WiseCorp, and Retcon Releasing are inspired in design and flawlessly convey the tone and desired look that he has always been able to provide. He also has provided countless assistance with the graphic presentation of the novel and site. Check out his site for more of his work.

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