CHARLIE CHIODO is probably most well-known for work on the cult classic film Killer Klowns From Outer Space. But his talents have spread onto other film and television projects, including the 90's incarnation of Land Of The Lost, and even some design work for Jurassic Park- The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. Commissioned through Dino Gallery, below is an illustration featured during a very memorable scene early on in the novel. The video below also details its creation.

No tennis ball is safe.

JOHN BELL is an Academy Award-winning art director and conceptual artist who has worked on many incredible visual effects films. His work on such films as Jurassic Park, Back To The Future 2, and Rango have cemented his incredible talents right into our own popular culture. See more of John's work at his website, and read my in-depth interview with him regarding his work on Jurassic Park. Below is the commissioned illustration of a very charismatic vehicle that shows up in the center of the novel. Also, take a look at the original sketch before digital painting was applied by Bell.

Now 100% safety compliant. Enhanced features recommended.

STEPHEN MARCHESI is an American illustrator who has conjured up over 500 book covers alone. His work also includes illustrations for magazines, textbooks, and children's books. This includes books that have been on Publishers Weekly and Bank Street College Best-Of lists. As a child, Derrick Davis was enthralled with a scary little book called Railway Ghosts And Highway Horrors. Some of Stephen's illustrations loosely inspired ideas in Invertiverse. It seemed only fitting to have him do a scary original illustration; a spider creature with wings inside a mountain tunnel. See that below, along with some test images of its creation. Be sure to also look at his work on his Doodles Facebook page and his Photostream.

Arachnophobia overdrive.
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