Invertiverse strives to be an immersive and thrilling story. It is unique to feature the rare inclusion of a thematic orchestral score. Featuring over an hour of music, the score to the novel is a perfect way to experience the thrills, emotion, mystery, and suspense; all without turning a single page. Music plays a minor role in the story itself. There are moments in the narrative that refer to music on the album, making it a completely complimentary experience.

While the album is almost completed, it is currently NOT available.

However, you can currently hear the opening track, "Into The Invertiverse (Concert Theme)", in the pulse-pounding trailer of the novel. This theme, performed by a real orchestra, is unique to the album:

Here is also a special video preview featuring another track, "Universal Horror", which is sure to creep under your skin:

The score is specially composed by the author, Derrick Davis, and is orchestrated with additional composing by Mikhail Cucuk, Marcos Kaiser, and Bernard Kyer.

The album is planned to be released alongside the novel itself, in various digital formats. Be sure to check back, so you can experience the novel in a wonderfully unique way.

Copyright © 2016 Derrick Davis