New ATX 3.5 Release! Make Trespasser Videos!

Big Red has done it again with his latest release of Trespasser ATX! This time, now you can bring your camcorder into the jungles of Trespasser and film your own movies! Download the latest verison at his site. If you want more details or help, visit this post in the forums. That is all.

Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody! Help! I need someone… help!

Kudos go to those who know the band who sang those lyrics in the title. Anyway, this ties into what’s really going on, I swear! TresCom forum member, chronzerg, has gone into the very depths of Site B with a nifty camera to take some stellar photographs for his upcoming site Trespasser Photography! Doesn’t that just make your very own life essence tingle? However, he needs some help in getting this arduous task done, I mean, come on now, Site B is a very dangerous and alarming place, as we all know. He is currently in the need of a:

Site Designer

Computer Artist (As in making pictures for a website.)

ScreenShot Artist (Yes, he would appreciate you to risk your own life at Site B as well to take more screens!)

So if you are interested in any of the three job applications, please submit, in writing, to, or visit this post to respond, or, as it states, go to his house and tell him his mom’s name! Oh mother!

Machinima Movies!

Machinima. That word alone spelt out question and fear into my fragile little mind. What does it mean? Some new sort of Pokemon creation? I panicked. But panic no more! Machinima movies are simply movies made within a ‘machine’, or in this case, a computer game. Or in this case… Trespasser! Using sophisticated techniques, one forum member by the name of Bloodcider has created two fun little movies for all of us to oogle over. One is a trailer for a much larger movie he is intending to make, the other is a fun little short called “Funking With A Raptor”. Please note that “Funking With A Raptor” contains explicit content. So download both today, and be very sure to make your own movies with the latest ATX release!