See the download page for latest official releases of TresEd and GeomAdd.

Latest test releases:

  • TresEd_2003-09-15: Much improved terrain editing, transparent triggers and RGBA textures, some bugfixes (including an option to not save trigger partitions, they are sometimes problematic).
  • ScriptMaker 0.3: Utility to help generate Trespasser Scripts (screenshot).
  • SWPz: Utility to compress and decompress Trespasser texture files (.SWP and .SPZ).
  • TPAAdd_2002-12-06: Experimental utility to add new sounds to TPA (Trespasser Audio) files, and rename sounds (so that unused sounds can be used in TScript). [NOTE: Program must be run from a DOS prompt as it requires multiple parameters]
  • MakeSCN: (Old test, newer version is now integrated into TresEd) Beta test of utility to make edited/new levels run faster (creates spatial partitions in the SCN files).
  • TpmImport v0.0: (See main TresEd download page for new version) Alpha test of MAX script to import TPM files.