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If you have problems running TresEd, try download the latest drivers for your video card. If you have a video card based on the nVidia chipsets, the generic Detonator drivers from the nVidia homepage seem to work better than the drivers that individual card manufacturers release.

TresEd_2003-11-21 Latest release of the editor, see the included readme.txt for a full list of the latest changes.
GeomAdd_2003-09-15 Utility to import new objects into levels. This release is just a few small bugfixes.
.TPM MAX Scripts MAX/GMAX scripts to import and export our Trespasser Model (TPM) format files. TPM files can be exported with TresEd, and imported with GeomAdd, or edited by hand in a text editor. The format can be used for any Trespasser model, but is most useful for importing new or modified dinosaurs with GeomAdd (as dinos can't be imported from .3DS files).

If you have any comments or suggestions, or if skimming the included readme doesn't answer your questions, please feel free to mail me Check out the TresCom forum to discuss TresEd and other Trespasser related topics.

Old releases

TresEd_2003-08-29 New features in this release: terrain editing, named selections (grouping), object hiding, save spatial partitions (speeds up level), play TScript audio samples. Many more changes, see the included readme.txt.
GeomAdd_2003-08-29 New features in this release: rename level, full .TPM format import, support 16bit RGBA textures (eg. muzzle flashes, ocean objects).
TresEd_2002-11-18 Toolbar in main window, find and replace dialog, drop objects to terrain, constrain objects individually to terrain, OpenGL clip distance options, load same SWP file as GeomAdd. See the readme.txt for full details. Also experimental Trespasser Model (TPM) format export, an ASCII based format that Remdul and I are developing to allow easier editing of models, and easy moving of dinos and other objects between levels. Remdul is working on a MAX import/export script.
GeomAdd_2002-11-18 Use proper opacity map file, convert texture names to standard form (required for animations to work), improved texture packing, better control of instance/model replacement, control over mipmaps (allows sky texture import). Experimental TPM import (see TresEd entry above).
TresEd_2002-08-23 Basic level of detail setting, terrain import dialog, plus some important bug fixes. (As always, see the history section of the included readme.txt for a full list of new features).
TresEd_2002-08-12 Loads correct terrain from the .wtd files. Experimental options to import/export terrain as greyscale .bmps (as always, see the history section of the included readme.txt for more details).
TresEd_2002-08-03 Change instance name, insert mesh for trigger, auto-correct case of TScript value names, change selection color, primitive grouping.
GeomAdd_2002-08-03 Remember import scale for individual objects, auto-correct case of TScript value names.
GeomAdd_2002-06-08 Export models as .grf, to allow moving of dinosaurs between levels. For more details, see the news section for July 12th.
TresEd_2002-06-07 New features are to facilitate copying objects between levels: subobjects can be exported with an object, the geometry type is remembered, and hopefully rotation export works now. Moved "view object types" into their own menu for easy access. See the readme.txt for more details.
TresEd_2002-05-27 Improved keyboard/mouse interface for object move/rotate, and experimental mesh copy and delete. See the readme.txt for more details.
GeomAdd_2002-05-27 GeomAdd Technology Preview: Add new models to Trespasser, what more is there to say? (Except that this is a technology preview, and has some problems. So read the included text file to find out what GeomAdd can and can't do.)
TresEd_2002-05-23 Test release, preparing for release of GeomAdd. Automatic update of subobjects, view and object transform type-in, several bug fixes and smaller changes, and some new features that will work in conjunction with GeomAdd.
TresEd_2002-04-18 Renamed TresView to 'TresEd' to reflect the new capabilities. Undo/redo, menu help, status bar, bookmark positions, walking mode, remember settings. See the history section of the included readme.txt for a full list of changes.
TresView_2002-02-28 Experimental release, level saving. Copy/delete objects, edit TScript.
TresView_2002-02-20 Experimental release, level saving. Only modify position of objects.
TresView_2002-02-15 Old stable release, view levels only. Display hidden objects (triggers, teleports, physics, ...), exports level info as text, and improves the display of the TScript associated with objects. See in-game help.
TresView_2001-11-11 Added trial fullscreen mode, bumpmap extraction, view terrain texture objects, and better terrain in the demo level.
TresView_2001-11-07 Added model extraction, and some level load options
TresView_2001-10-28 Attempt at getting terrain working on non-nVidia cards (if it does work, you can also try enable shadow casting onto objects in the options menu)
TresView_2001-10-23 Fixed the bumpy terrain, nicer fog and can view bumpmaps. This may only work on nVidia cards though :-( [needs pbuffers, 32bit color mode, and dot3 bumpmapping to work properly]
TresView_2001-10-15 This should work with most video cards. (Broke my terrain heuristic, there are funny bumps all over the place, ah well)

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