Inside the Trespasser Data Files

A collection of notes and other things things relating to the Trespasser Data Files, including the Trespasser Script Reference and Unofficial Trespasser File Formats.

  • The Trespasser Script Reference describes the objects (classes) and properties (values) that can be used in Trespasser.
  • An updated Trespasser File Formats page, describing the format of the data files, and describing some other things about how to use and create levels. (There's also the original formats.txt that formed the basis for the new html version, but it's out of date).
  • GRF files use a Microsoft variant of LZ compression. Winzip can load the files, but cannot compress them. To do so, use Microsoft's compress.exe. I've also included expand.exe, but using Winzip to decompress GRF files is much easier. The retail version of Trespasser can use either compressed or uncompressed GRFs, but the demo only used uncompressed GRFs.
  • (out of date now, see the Trespasser Script Reference above) A list of all the values that are used in Trespasser, along with what the values can be.

Page last updated 11 October 2003.