The Homepage of Andres James

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My technical/computer related interests:

Programming, C++, Java, OpenGL
Graphics, rendering, games
Maths, physical simulations

NEW! TresView: The Trespasser Level Viewer

See Trespasser levels like you've never seen them before!

My Trespasser Articles

A page describing the Trespasser bumpmap format and my (successful) attempt to decode it
Some Trespasser screenshots

The Trespasser Utilities

My Tutorial on using the utilities.

Note: When answering yes/no type questions in GeomExt (perhaps the others too) do not press enter immediately or it may crash.

SWPext v0.35
SWPadd v0.22
GeomExt v0.12
BumpConvert v0.1


The Trespasser Reverse Engineering page

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