Hello everyone. This site is dedicated to holding a library of screenshots from a game called Trespasser.

When you go to the "Screens Page" you will find a list of all the level that have been released for Trespasser; custom made, and the ones that came with the game.  Click on the links to any one of these level will lead you to a page displaying all the albums of picture I have for that level.

There will also be another section called Funny.  This section will show you the odd, and at time hilarious side of Trespasser.  You will find pictures here displaying Trespasser's Glitches, Errors, that will most of the time, make you smile.  I hope you will enjoy the section.

If you have the game Trespasser, or have a screens you would like to see up on my site, send it it chronzerg@yahoo.com . I hope that in the future, I will have a upload system that is capable of uploading pictures automatically.

Basically, the only thing I have to say is this site is up. If you are from TresCom (which most-likely 100% of you are) then please enjoy yourself.  Take at look at all the screens, and email the ones you want to see up hear.  Thanks.