Tutorials - Rigging creatures with TPDC
You cannot simply import dinosaur models into a level and have it walk around instantly. As you probably already know all dinosaurs in Trespasser have an underlying bone system. In-game, you can make this visibible with the "bones cheat". These bones drive the visible skin of the creature much like bones and muscles change the shape of a real world creature. Except, there are no muscles pushing and pulling on the bones, but rather pre-programmed 'motors' that are controlled by the AI (artificial intelligence) of the dinosaurs (something which is called forward kinematics) and physical interaction (through the ridgid body physics simulation, called inverse kinematics, but you may call this "ragdoll physics").

More about the interactivity/physics part in a later tutorial, lets first get our dinosaur skin rigged.

I will later expand this tutorial and explain how the save/load weight tools work. Future versions of TPDC will support additional features that will make rigging easier to understand. Due to lack of time I will refrain from writing instructions covering functionalities that eventually will be replaced or removed.
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