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NOTE: A track has been updated on June 2018. Scroll down to the track listing for details.
All files have been updated to reflect the update.

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    Jurassic Time celebrates its 10th Anniversary of the Hammond Memoir with an updated audio program, as well as an engaging video program.

    Experience Richard Attenborough's masterful, nearly-lost performance of John Parker Hammond: the tragic man whose dream of bringing dinosaurs back to life came true; before being swiftly ended. Cobbled from the ill-fated Trespasser- The Lost World: Jurassic Park PC Game, and featuring amazing music by Bill Brown; you'll feel like you're right beside Hammond as he makes his journey across Isla Sorna, playing "God" in the laboratory, and recounting how he felt after the fateful incident at Isla Nublar. It's a compelling and introspective tale you will never find in the novels or films.

    What sets this special "Anniversary Edition" apart from all that have come before is incredibly substantial. Thanks to the discovery of a source that contained Attenborough's recordings, without its misty "echo/memory effects" that plagued the original and beta game files, we can now hear the vocal performance clearly for the very first time. After a decade of prior editions, and almost two decades hearing it this way straight from the game itself; this is an important milestone in perserving this experience.

    The entire Hammond Memoir has been rebuilt from the ground up in order to take complete advantage of this fantastic find. Those familiar with previous editions and the game will find the clarity of Attenborough's delivery practically startling at first. To focus on the voice, no additional sound effects were included except in two brief moments. However, there are some lines of dialogue where the sound effects mixed in by the game designers are still left in; but now in much better quality. You'll also discover newly-created additional tracks that precede and conclude the entire program. They feature additional dialogue from the films themselves and even from another game, Chaos Island.

    I hope you enjoy this (very likely) definitive edition.

    For a more complete and alternative visual companion, please do check out the "excavated" book. To hear the unedited audio files, download the preserved recordings.


Track List:

01- Whispering Memories (3:57)
02- John Parker Hammond (1:47)
03- Conception Of The Century (4:44)
04- Arriving At Isla Sorna (5:27)
05- Where Our Secrets Lie (4:05)
06- Bringing It Up The Well (2:01)
07- Rulers Of The Island (7:22)
08- Expanding The New Empire (5:17)
09- Shattering Of A Dream (4:02)
10- Hunted Hunters (4:51)
11- Looking Back (2:52)
12- Hammond's Diskette (4:45) ***
13- Isolated Memory- Petticoat Lane (2:58)
14- Isolated Memory- Life Will Find A Way (2:09)
15- Hammond's Requiem (5:11)
16- Awakened Ruins (0:56)

Total Time Approx.: 01:02:24

***= Note: In June 2018, track 12 received a minor update that included dialogue from Hammond obtained from the game Chaos Island, which he also narrated. CLICK HERE to download just this updated track in both formats to avoid re-downloading the entire album again.