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    Jurassic Time celebrates its 10th Anniversary of the Hammond Memoir with an updated video edition. There is also a standard audio program available, and you can visit its page to learn exciting details about that aspect of the program.

    Experience Richard Attenborough's masterful, nearly-lost performance of John Parker Hammond: the tragic man whose dream of bringing dinosaurs back to life came true; before being swiftly ended.
Cobbled from the ill-fated Trespasser- The Lost World: Jurassic Park PC Game, and featuring amazing music by Bill Brown; you'll feel like you're right beside Hammond as he makes his journey across Isla Sorna, playing "God" in the laboratory, and recounting how he felt after the fateful incident at Isla Nublar. It's a compelling and introspective tale you will never find in the novels or films.

    In this special video presentation of the "Anniversary Edition", with the immense artistic talents of Felipe Humboldt, Hammond's words are heard against fantastic sketches that illustrate his entire story! In addition, there are numerous stills from Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park tinted and framed deliberately for dramatic effect. We "spared no expense"!

    For a more complete and alternative visual companion, please do check out the "excavated" bookTo hear the unedited audio files, download the preserved recordings.

At the top of this page, you can view the entire video program of the Hammond Memoir on YouTube. However, below you can also download each video in high-quality MP4 format. Simply right click on each link of the track list and save to your destination. If there are any issues with downloading, please refer to the
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Track List:

01- Whispering Memories (3:57)
02- John Parker Hammond (1:47)
03- Conception Of The Century (4:44)
04- Arriving At Isla Sorna (5:27)
05- Where Our Secrets Lie (4:05)
06- Bringing It Up The Well (2:01)
07- Rulers Of The Island (7:22)
08- Expanding The New Empire (5:17)
09- Shattering Of A Dream (4:02)
10- Hunted Hunters (4:51)
11- Looking Back (2:52)
12- Hammond's Diskette (4:45)
13- Isolated Memory- Petticoat Lane (2:58)
14- Isolated Memory- Life Will Find A Way (2:09)
15- Hammond's Requiem (5:11)
16- Awakened Ruins (0:56)

Total Time Approx.: 01:02:24