Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jurassic Time

A guy named Derrick Davis has done an Awesome Thing:

I was lead designer on a game called Trespasser: Jurassic Park, which - to make a long story short - was very forward-thinking but shipped in a pretty much messed-up state, to the chagrin of all concerned. It constitutes a little-known backwater of the Jurassic Park continuity, and included some writing I was very fond of, read by Lord Richard Attenborough - who played John Hammond in the movies, and is of course the incredibly eminent director of many films. But not many people got far enough into the game to catch Attenborough's really fine performance.

The text forms a fragmentary memoir of John Hammond's experience of building, and then losing, Jurassic Park. Derrick extracted the audio and made it available for download here, under the rather inspired title Jurassic Time. Brief commentary appears here. It also includes music by Bill Brown, who was asked to do a John Williams impression and pretty much hit it out of the park.

I really thought I was never going to hear that audio again - so it's thanks to Davis I have it back, and other people have a chance to hear it. While I have taken truly epic amounts of flack over Trespasser over the years, I won't second-guess the decision to attempt a radically forward-thinking game, and I'm proud of the writing that came out of it.