Here are some links related to the Jurassic Park universe and others that Hammond’s memoir is part of.

Jurassic Time Facebook

The Official Jurassic Time Facebook. Like it!


The Official Trespasser Fansite

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Unofficial Trespasser Soundtrack Presentation

Listen To Bill Brown's Incredible Score To The PC Game Trespasser, As Heard In Jurassic Time

Bill Brown Official Site

Official Site Of Trespasser's Composer

Austin Grossman Official Site

The Writer Of Trespasser’s Official Site

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John Bell's Official Website

Art Director Of Jurassic Park

John Gurche's Official Website

Concept Artist Of Jurassic Park and Paleo-Artist


Website For The Upcoming Novel By Derrick Davis, Creator Of Jurassic Time, About Alternate Universes


Roy Govier's Design Site

Canned Air Podcast

Home Of The "Canned Air" Podcast About Comics, Movies, And More!

Jurassic Outpost

The Latest On Jurassic World News & InGeneral Podcast

Jurassic Cast

Home Of The "Jurassic Cast" Jurassic Park Podcast

Chaos Island Fansite

The Only Fansite Dedicated To The Lost World: Jurassic Park Strategy Game

JP Toys

The Largest Database Of Jurassic Park Toys And Other Merchandise