You may notice that all of the links on left hand side of the page don't go anywhere at all (except one). That's because the site is still in production, and in a few months (or less) the other sections will eventually open. In the meantime, here is a layout of what is to come!

  • *Introduction- My own personal message about why the site came into being.
  • *Run-Through- A brief description of the entire game, it’s characters and situations.
  • *Screenshots- Various different screenshots from different sources.
  • *Videos- Featuring the trailer and all of the game’s cutscene videos.
  • *Soundtrack- Bill Brown’s promotional soundtrack and my complete soundtrack edit, in a .zip file. OPEN NOW!!!

  • *Crichton’s Tour- Extracted from the game sound files and arranged as it was heard when played, is an audio version of the entire tour, narrated by author Michael Crichton himself. OPEN NOW!!
*Hacking- How to hack certain game files.
  • *Reviews- Collection of different reviews from other sources.
  • *My Thoughts- A brief collection of my own thoughts on the game, where it succeeded and failed.
  • *A DeLorean?- An amusing look at an easter egg of the game, from The Tour.
  • *Disclaimer- Disclaimer of the work on the site.
  • *Contact- Provides E-mail addresses.
  • *Links- Various links to other related sites.

Check back soon to see it all!