Experience The Complete Soundtrack Of Dreamworks Interactive’s Trespasser, Composed By Bill Brown, In The Ultimate Presentation!

*Now Featuring The Best Sound Quality Ever!*

"...Spielberg himself commented on how impressive this relatively unknown composer puts music together."- 3DSoundSurge Interview with Brady Bell of Dreamworks Interactive

"The musical score is top notch but only plays at key areas. Hearing some fast music as you fall off of a cliff into a pack of three raptors will really get you going."- 3DGaming

"The sound is top notch... The music kicks in at certain times and is a compelling score similar to breathtaking scenes from the movies... [the music] adds effectiveness in displaying importance to certain areas."- Gamer's Alliance

"The sound effects and score are haunting echoes of John Williams' film scores."- GamePro

"The music is one of Trespasser’s best accomplishments."- Gamasutra

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