When the famously failed Dreamworks Interactive game Trespasser hit the shelves in 1998, it received a lack of sales and fans were let down by over-hype of what the game should have been. This had confirmed that there would never be an official release of the game's small cued but enormously and energetically performed orchestral soundtrack, composed by Bill Brown. One of the grandest things about the game was the music itself, filling the player with emotion or fear, even when the grainy visuals on the screen did not. Trespasser itself, however, is not as bad of a game as most would think. With a bit of appreciation for the advanced physics it brings, and with faster modern computers and some minor hacks, the game can be quite stunning in all areas rather than just sound alone. In other words: playing the game today, with the right settings, can bring you a visually compelling experience that was meant to match the equally compelling soundtrack. TresCom, a devoted fan site, has made this possible.
This site is meant to display and promote the soundtrack created for Trespasser, not to sell or make any profit whatsoever. Using a special promotional album, extraction tools to revive tracks from the game itself, and tracks from the composer's official site, I present to you an unofficial version of Bill Brown's score in a way never before experienced. With additional edits and other features, this 56 track, 42 minute presentation will please fans of the game even more than it was heard in the game itself. It now sounds even better than ever before.

I hope you enjoy it.

- Derrick Davis (aka Scallenger)