Last Updated: 12-06-99
Trespasser was going to be the biggest game of all time, and we were going to be there to modify it. But in the end, like Trespasser, Trespasser Hacking Society was too big of a project for it's time. We said to our selves we would always be there, and never give up, but in the end it could not be. Trespasser's failure had stabbed us all in our hearts, this to be great game flopped, but we still trudged on. We worked, and worked with big hopes wanting to make this game, the Trespasser we all hoped for, but we realized it couldn't, and all of our graphical work depended on THS' programmers. They worked and worked, reminding us periodically of the reality of our project. And in the end all hope was lost, and we needed to get on with our lives. The world that consumed us or over three years known as Trespasser had died, and we needed to live. Trespasser Hacking Society is no longer in existents, and all the members went their separate ways, some to pursue a career in game development, others on to follow the next great game, which sparks life and excitement in them like Trespasser did. Someday, when the Hardware is available, maybe a 'Trespasser' can exist, but not today. 

Update: 12-06-99:

Woah, an update? You mean you guys didn't go to that big dinosaur park in the sky? Nope, but THS is still dead. It appears that the version of GRF Hack we included in the THS Tools zip file was a bit older than our latest, and final version. Apparently it was an older version with a flaw where it didn't extract almost all of the files correctly. I've updated the zip file, grab it here [127KB], or below. This doesn't change anything else in the zip, only GRF Hack and it's source. We thought some of you might be interested.

On a side note, I would just like to say that the hacking THS did was for the game Trespasser, not UNIX, or NT, or anything illegal. We will not hack anything for anyone, nor teach how to hack systems. Thanks.

Update: 07-21-99:
Penguin just sent me a link to a webpage of a group of people calling themselves Trespasser Hacking Society II [THS2]. We are a bit supprised, but wish them the best of luck, and hope they succed in their mission. Good luck guys!

Update: 06-21-99:
I didn't expect another update, but here we go.  I've updated the zip file with a more recent version of 'formats.txt' and added the 'tools.txt' which give a brief description of how to use the utilities to extract sound, and graphics.

Here is a collection of files we had been working on in the programming department. They are as is, and no technical support will be given. Enjoy! 

       - THS Tools [] 127KB
       - Description of Tools [tools.txt] 1.83KB

Note:  These files are not everything that Trespasser Hacking Society has worked on, but are all that will be given out.

 -Trespasser Hacking Society [SoulSeclusion, Penguin42, Iguanaman, Jonathan, Doc, Trash, Boehme, Brad, and all of the others who were a part of THS]