7/23/99 - New Website Design
     Here is the new website design. It was designed by (me) Tyler Perkins; Former head of THS. I thought it was my duty to help THS II since I had derived the original. I think I will stay on the team to help out with whatever I can. I hope you like the new design.


7/21/99 - Added Stuff
     Added a hex editor to the Downloads section. This is an awesome trial program that lets you look at the file structure of any thing on your computer. It is a good tool for THS2. If you know how, you can even edit the files, another valuable feature for us. Also recruited some new members, and now I have to explain "the project," because of requests to know what we are attempting to do. We are seeking to improve Trespasser. Fix some glitches, maybe add a few dinos (heh heh...we have plans for a certain dinosaur..), improve the graphics, and if we get good at it, totally redo a level. Basically, if you just want the bottom line, we are trying to make a better game out of Trespasser.
7/19/99 - Page Open
     Put up this page, started recruiting some new members, mostly programmers. Plans for something involving the Trespasser demo are in development. However, that would require translating the tools that THS has provided into working with the demo version, which means that it will be even more difficult. Why should we use the demo? It is simple. We originally were going to go to work straight on Trespasser, but that seemed foolish since we didn't have the necessary experience to change an entire game. So editing the demo would test our skills and gain us experience. More on this and the final project later.