19-12-2005      LOTS

Posted by Hilwo

Trespasser ported to Doom III engine
Gabrobot shows us what Trespasser looks like when it's converted to the Doom III engine! Check it out [here]!

Jurassic Park Dark Secrets
Jurassic Park Dark Secrets now has it's own website, [www.jpdarksecrets]. Keep checking their website for the latest update, and also keep track of [this] topic.

Chaos Effect
Chaos Effect is another ambitious project which is based upon the Jurassic Park toyline of the same name. Check out [this] topic to check the latest news.

ATX 1.40
Visit [Big Red's website] and get the latest edition of ATX, it has some new experimental features!

New Jurassic Park Story
John Parker Hammond is working on "InGen's Misdemeanor: The Hammond Memoirs", the diary of Hammond, about how it all started and what happened. He has already finished 10 chapters, check it out [here].

New Dinosaur Skins!
Second Illiteration has been working on some new dinosaur skins and shows us awesome new ones for the Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus and T-Rex! Check them out [here]!!

14-8-2005      Gamasutra articles published in book

Posted by Hilwo

Machf has informed me that the Gamasutra Postmortems have been published in a book. The long and very informative article on Trespasser is included. Read about it [here]. In case you are wondering what these Gamasutra articles are about, the one featuring Trespasser can be found at the articles section of [Pine Valley].

7-8-2005      Interview with Brian Moore and Concept art of Anne recovered!

Posted by Hilwo

The interview with Brian Moore is here! Brian, thank you for making time for TresCom, and Dan... thank you ;) Check out the interview [here]!

Knickyx, a new user at the TresCom forums has answered our call! He read the interview with Brian Moore in which Brian was asked about concept art of Anne. Knickyx knew that a friend of his had a collection of the Next Generation magazines and asked him to scan the article for us. Check it out [here]! Thank you very much Knickyx, and be sure to thank your friend for us ;) !

31-7-2005      Object Database and more

Posted by Hilwo

Mickey has informed us of the current status of his Trespasser website, [TresGame]. Mickey will be moving to England soon and thus, it is unknown when he will be able to finish the website. We hope that you will find time to finish what seemed to become a good website ;) We wish you well and good luck in England!

Tatu has finished the Object Database for Trespasser City! Check it out, it's a nice guide to have along side with the walkthrough if you are looking for the ultimate exploration experience of Site B. I'm going to check it out myself as soon as I have time, I hope to find some guns or other that I have never seen before. Check it out [here]! Tatu, thank you very much!

15-7-2005      Quick update

Posted by Hilwo

Tatu, one of our latest members, is going to help me out with the Object Database. He has already finished some levels, I will put it up as soon as possible. Thanks Tatu!

25-6-2005      All work and no play

Posted by Hilwo

I'm still very busy so moving to GameSpy will take a bit longer than I had anticipated. It will happen though, just give me a few more weeks.

BigRed has released the latest version of ATX, in which you can now record your own movies! So download it at his [website] and see if you can do some observation without interference ;)

Chronzerg needs help with his [Trespasser Photography Website]. Visit [this post] on the TresCom board and see if you can help him out with his promising project.

I've started work on the Object Database, and I'm done with the beach. Check it out [here] or go to the [Articles Section] and take a look from there. More levels will be added soon! (PS, I'm quite busy these days, so any help with the object database would be appreciated...)

8-6-2005      Some announcements

Posted by Hilwo

Hi everyone! I am very busy so this update will mainly consist of annoucements. They're good ones though ;) Here we go:

Trespasser City will be moving to the GameSpy servers soon, and thus the website should load much faster. This will take some time though, so please bear with me.

Nem is working on a new level! He is taking care of the editing and I'm helping him out with ideas and parts of the story. Other than that, I can't tell you guys much more, except that it will have movie locations and will take place on Isla Sorna. More news on this later.

I've also started on an Object Database for Trespasser. This database will consist of a list with coordinates for every important or interesting items for each level. Such items includes weapons, dinosaurs, keycards, locations, but also vehicles and hunters. Nem is helping me out on this as well. Expect more on this on the next update!

31-5-2005      "Building the Town was hard..."

Posted by Hilwo

Hello everyone, I'm back with my second update. It wasn't easy, but I think I fixed all broken links and removed all the dead ones. If you do find others that I've missed, please [e-mail me] and I'll fix them.

I can't believe that it has been almost 4 years since the last interesting savegame has been submitted. Well that's going to change from now on, as I improved the savegames section. It's back with the classic savegames, and two new ones. The first one is an updated version of my "Wu's Stash". That's right, even more has been added and changed in Dr. Wu's house, he'll love what I've done with the place :)

The second one is a savegame by Darkraider in which an angry T-Rex just doesn't seem to be able to kill the Trike, and he picks him up! Go [here] and check out our new savegames section!

Well that's all for now, I certainly hope this will get people interested into making their own special savegames. You know where to send them :) Till next time!

23-5-2005      "Welcome to the City of Tomorrow."

Posted by Hilwo

Well I think you all know me, as I've been hanging around on several Trespasser forums for some time now, and have done some small articles for [TresCom]. I'm here to be the new co-webmaster, and this will be my first update. I didn't just want to say hi, so on to my first item!

Have you ever wondered if you have seen all of the InGen logos in Trespasser? It seems as if Dreamworks really exploited their permission to use it. Well, go and take a look at my [InGen Article] to see them all! At least I think it's all of them. If you know of any others, please let me know. Well, have fun and till next time!

PS: As for the dead links, please bear with me. I will fix them all within the next few days. TresCity's back!!