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This page is the official page of the Trespasser modification, ATX Trespasser. It will hold all new updates related to it and other notes as well. You can get help for all things Trespasser at the Trescom message board. I log in as "Big Red". Note: these downloads are provided for experimental purposes only. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK [but please report bugs, or they won't get fixed].

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ATX is a modification for the PC game Trespasser, by DreamWorks Interactive, meant to provide a slew of extra features to the game, including new cheats, dino options, graphical optimizations, technical help, and mostly, level-design addons. It consists of a DLL, a single executable hack, and few other essential files. It has recently been revamped (versions 2.00+).

Particularily, ATX allows level designers to use supplemental ActionTypes in their levels and combines many new features as well as a few older ones into a single package. The new ActionType values are defined using an external DLL that automatically detects the associated executable upon loading. This system permits the update of the small DLL file without having to update the executable more than once. New ActionTypes are programmed to use existent T-Script entries and are recognized by Trespasser as valid functions. All other features use self-modifying code to be applied from the DLL.

The list of included features is constantly growing. There used to be a list here, but I could never keep it up to date. For a comprehensive list, you should see the ATX_README.htm file included in the latest ATX package (under "Features").

Full documentation of new ActionTypes, cheats, and other features is provided as well as full FASM assembly source. Source is open for modification and may be base for others to take credit as long as the end result is reasonably different from the original code. Do not be afraid to use, modify, recompile, etc. the ATX source; it is open for a reason. A lot of the code has been reorganized in recent ATX versions to help with this, with extensive use of FASM high-level macros, as well as an added hacking guide (TEHG.txt).

ATX has been generally tested to work with the following operating systems: Windows ME, Windows 98 SE (with and without unofficial update), Windows 2000 Professional w/Service Pack 4, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional (w/SP1-SP2). However, only Windows 2000 Professional w/SP4 (w/Update Rollup 1) is regularly used to test all the new features. Later versions of ATX have also been known to work on some versions of Linux (particularly WINE).

Please keep in mind that this is strictly a BETA-stage modification. There are still many bugs/errors/crashes present, even though they may not be initially obvious. It may perform differently depending on your system, and you may run into problems. If this is the case, I would appreciate receiving notifications of such problems via the Trescom message board or by e-mail; please include a description of the problem, your executable type and operating system, error.log and/or ATX_LOGFILE.txt log files, and screenshots if needed. However, please read the Known Bugs list beforehand to avoid submitting previously-known bugs. Thank you.

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Notes relating to prior versions

Quick-Install Procedure

  1. Install Trespasser full-version (hard disk installation preferred)
  2. Download the package and (only) the latest package from the ATX website
  3. Extract both packages into your Trespasser folder. By default, this is "C:\Program Files\DreamWorks Interactive\Trespasser\"
  4. Go to that folder and run trespassATX2.exe
  5. At the next ATX version update, download the latest package only and extract it to your Trespasser folder, overwriting everything.

Detailed Installation Procedure

For in-depth installation instructions or if you are upgrading from a version of ATX older than 2.00, please refer to the Installation portion of the ATX_README.htm file in the latest ATX main package.


Please be aware of the following potentially serious concerns before running ATX:


Here are some of the most common Trespasser/ATX issues with easy fixes:

Game setup or Trespasser/ATX executable crashing on startup

-> In Windows XP, right-click the executable (either setup95.exe on the Trespasser CD, trespass.exe, the ATX Trespasser executable, or whichever EXE is crashing), select Properties, select the Compatibility tab, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:", select Windows 95 or Windows 98 from the drop-down menu, click OK. This is also possible in Windows 2000 with a few extra steps (search MSDN for Windows 2000 compatibility mode).

Intro video playing too fast, broken sound, fatal error when launching the ATX or game executable

-> For this, ATX needs to be downloaded and extracted, and you must have tried to run it at least once. Open ATXconfig.ini (in Notepad), find the section [Troubleshooting], set DisableA3DdllDetection=1 instead of 0, and save the file. This error is caused by the presence of an incompatible A3D.dll file in your system folder. This fix simply disables its detection by Trespasser. Note: This disables 3D sound.

Missing or unable to find ATXconfig.ini configuration file

-> Run the ATX executable once, then exit the game. ATX generates this file only on first run (this makes updating easier).

What files does ATX need to run?

-> At bare minimum, in your Trespasser folder, you should have the files ATYPEX.dll, trespassATX2.exe (or another ATX-patched executable), and a MAPS folder (with all the content from the latest package). There should also be a ATXconfig.ini generated after the first launch (when absent, ATX uses the default configuration).

User-made level is messed up after restarting, loading a saved game from the same level, or after selecting "Restart Level"

-> Check the ATX "Disable Fast Restart" option checkbox at the main game menu. This helps fix some problems with scene files and savegames not reloading properly. Note: A few levels with specific issues (such as broken terrain) don't work properly with this feature.

Game crashing randomly when there are lots of things on screen or right after a level finished loading

-> You might have set the Draw Distance value too high. Go back to the video options menu, and slide it all the way to the left. Also, try enabling hardware rendering if you haven't (using the "Select New Video Driver" button); some levels don't work properly in software mode.

Nothing working under Windows Vista or Windows 7

-> Sorry, ATX hasn't been tested to work under Windows Vista or Windows 7.



Trespasser, its conception or any variation of said game is under Copyright 1998 - 2001 Dreamworks Interactive/EaGames, LLC with all right reserved. The End-User(s) assume(s) all risks and responsibility for possession and use of this software and any and all additions, edits or modifications made to it, legal or otherwise. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: legal ownership of any copyrighted or commercial materials used by or in conjunction with this software.

If the End-User(s) disagree(s) with any of these terms, please terminate all use of this software and discard it immediately.


General Comments

ATX 2.00+ Releases

(If you are new to ATX, the minimum required downloads to get ATX to work are in red - also check out Slugger's Trespasser Primer at Trescom for helpful installation procedures)

ATX Version Release Date Main Package (required at every update) Executables Package (required, one-time installation) Source Package (optional - includes only source, plugin reference, and TEHG) Info
2.13 2010/02/28
(contents updated to remove demo version CD verification only; players don't need to download again if already have version below) Slightly nicer source, some camera settings added.
2.10 2009/11/21 Fix for Trespasser's ESC key menu bug, updated to remove CD check on demo ATX, improved ATX_README.htm (I think), misc updates.
2.07 2008/09/20 (mirror)
(original release with demo CD verification, superseded by above but still functional with all newer ATX 2 versions) Lots of fixes and some console command changes.
2.05 2007/11/01 Late bug fix release! Fixes some faulty ActionType behavior.
2.03 2007/03/20 (mirror) Very minor update (one bug fix). Not much for a two-year anniversary! Oh well.
2.01 2007/01/26 First public TEST release of ATX 2! Complete source overhaul. See changes in installation before using.

Other ATX Files

File Release Date Info
(all assume ATX is already installed) 2008/10/30 TresHUD v1.0. Alternate HUD for ATX 2+. Instructions: Extract the HUD folder and copy it into your MAPS folder of Trespasser. Overwrite all files. Author: You-Cheng Hsieh (prior to ATX 2.00) Rebel's 2D Map Pack (Full Version Only). Contains top-view 2D maps of a few full game levels, for use with the MAP cheat. Simply extract to your main Trespasser directory. 2007/01/26 ATX Test Plugin version 1.00 (for ATX 2.01). Simply extract to your main Trespasser folder, preserving pathnames. Please read included README file for details.
Old/Obsolete ATX Versions Page (prior to ATX 2.00) This page contains ATX releases prior to 2.00. These are obsolete and no longer supported in any way; they are provided solely for legacy purposes.

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