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This page is the official page of the Trespasser modification, ATX Trespasser. It will hold all new updates related to it and other notes as well. You can reach me at the Trescom message board. I log in as "Big Red". Note: these downloads are provided for experimental purposes only. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK [but please report bugs, or they won't get fixed].


ATX allows level designers to use supplemental ActionTypes in their levels and combines many new hacks as well as a few older ones into a single package. The new ActionType values are defined using an external DLL that automatically detects the associated hacked executable upon loading. This system permits the update of the small DLL file without having to update the executable more than once. New ActionTypes are programmed to use existent T-Script entries and are recognized by Trespasser as valid functions. All other hacks use self-modifying code to be applied from the DLL.

The list of included features is constantly growing. There used to be a list here, but I could never keep it up to date. For a comprehensive list, you should see the ATX_README.htm file included in the latest ATX package (under "Features").

Full documentation of new ActionTypes, cheats, and other features is provided as well as full FASM assembly source (source is not necessarily included in all releases). Please read carefully the included ATX_README.htm text before using. Source is open for modification and may be base for others to take credit as long as the end result is reasonably different from the original code.

Please keep in mind that this is strictly a BETA-stage modification. There are still many bugs/errors/crashes present, even though they may not be initially obvious. It may perform differently depending on your system, and you may run into problems. If this is the case, I would appreciate receiving notifications of such problems via the Trescom message board or by e-mail; please include a description of the problem, your executable type and operating system, error.log and/or ATX_LOGFILE.txt log files, and screenshots if needed. However, please read the "Known Bugs" list in the package's readme beforehand to avoid submitting previously-known bugs. Thank you.


* If you are using the full version of Trespasser, you will need to update your executable to version 1.1 ( using either of the official small or large patches before installing ATX. These patches can be found at Trescom or 3DGamers.

* If you own a non-enlish or international Trespasser version that cannot be patched to version 1.1, try downloading the pre-patched P5 1.1 US-English Trespasser executable provided further below (for all processors). Simply download and extract this file into your Trespasser folder after installing the latest ATX package as next described. This exe is already patched for ATX and does not need to be updated using the ATX patcher.

To install, download the latest zipped version of ATX. Then, extract all contents of the package from its root folder into your main Trespasser directory or demo folder. Make sure to preserve pathnames while extracting. Then, run "ATX_PATCHER.exe" and locate/open your Trespasser executable to be copied and patched. The patcher will give you the name of the new file which will appear in the same directory as the selected file. You can skip this last step if you have already downloaded and/or patched an executable for a previous version of ATX.

Run the newly-created executable to play with the new features (if the DLL is unable to initialize, a message will be displayed - see "ATX_LOGFILE.txt" for error specifics)). Options available directly to the user can be edited using ATXconfig.ini and maps defined using MapIndex.ini. All other changes (excluding cheats) can only be made via the levels' T-Scripts and/or the specific features' INI files. As always, make sure to read the include ATX_README.htm file.

You can now download supplemental 2D maps (such as Rebel's) from the link(s) further below. Simply open the ZIP package and run the self-extractor to then transfer the files to your main Trespasser directory (overwrite all existing files, preserve pathnames).


Important notes before download:
-> *** The newest versions of ATX include an adapted version of the high resolution patch created by TSOrd and Mark Grant. It can be disabled via ATXconfig.ini if needed. I take no credit for this feature and provide it only for convenience and as a tribute to the sadly deceased TSOrd.
-> As of version 1.34 BETA, the format of the MapIndex.ini file has been modified to accomodate bug fixes. If you have downloaded Rebel's map pack for a previous version, you will need to update the included INI file or re-download the new pack for maps to be recognized properly.
-> ATX 1.35 BETA (and later) incorporates a "REC" video recording cheat. It is more involved than the other cheats; if you plan to use it, please read "VIDEORECORDING.txt" beforehand.

Current ATX Version:
-> ATX 1.62 BETA

Past Releases:
-> ATX 1.60 BETA
-> ATX 1.59 BETA MIRROR (Fileplanet)
-> ATX 1.57 BETA MIRROR (Fileplanet)
-> ATX 1.55 BETA MIRROR (Fileplanet)
-> ATX 1.51 BETA MIRROR (Fileplanet)
-> ATX 1.50 BETA MIRROR (Fileplanet)
-> ATX 1.40 BETA MIRROR (Fileplanet)
-> ATX 1.36 BETA MIRROR (Fileplanet)
-> ATX 1.35 BETA MIRROR (Fileplanet)
-> ATX 1.34 BETA
-> ATX 1.33 BETA
-> ATX 1.31 BETA
-> ATX 1.30 BETA
-> ATX 1.25 BETA
-> ATX 1.24 BETA
-> ATX 1.22 BETA

Top-View Maps:
-> Rebel's 2D map pack (for full version) MIRROR (Trespasser City) MIRROR (Fileplanet) (for ATX versions 1.34 BETA and later)

Other files:
-> Pre-patched 1.1 ATX P5 English Trespasser executable MIRROR (Trespasser City) (for all processors supported by Trespasser - use if the ATX patcher fails or if you are using an incompatible or non-english copy of Trespasser)
-> Trespasser Executable Hacking Guide and TresVTableIDLabels Ollydbg plugin

* Thanks to hilwo for the Trespasser City file mirrors
* Thanks to madppiper and Trescom for the Fileplanet mirrors
*** Thanks to SylverRaptor for the TCDC mirror


-> October 04, 2006 - It's that time again. ATX 1.62 BETA. This one's aimed at the level wizards. Also uploaded a fresh TEHG. Please help squash the bugs by reporting them at the Trescom forum. If not for that, head over there and have a look at some of the impressive new models and level designs.

-> September 18, 2006 - Added a download mirror for ATX, courtesy of one of the Trescom forum's new members. Will hopefully help with the bandwidth limit exceeding. I'd advise people to use the mirror whenever possible.

Note that there is currently a bug with ATX's ActionType 110 that may prevent level designers from using it properly. It is currently being worked on.

-> September 13, 2006 - ATX 1.61 TEST (includes the last version of the TEHG under "ATX_SOURCE").

-> September 7, 2007 - First release of the Trespasser Executable Hacking Guide (and accompanying Ollydbg plugin, TresVTableIDLabels (no, no new ATX at this time). Work-in-progess.

-> August 8, 2006 - ATX 1.60.

-> May 27, 2006 - ATX 1.59.

-> March 6, 2006 - ATX's ~1-year anniversaryy! Wow, never thought it would get this far. Well, I'll skip the speech (don't look so disappointed) and get straight to the point: new version! 1.55 BETA.

-> January 4, 2006 - 1.51 BETA. Released earrly to deal with major CAnimal code issue introduced in 1.50.

-> December 30, 2005 - 1.50 BETA. This one'ss a big one, and just in time for New Year's! To start off, the entire documentation has been revamped and put into a single large file (ATX_README.htm). The list of changes is under the "Updates" section and individual features are documented more or less directly under "Features". In fact, there were so many changes in this release that it's half-way a new mod altogether. I did not even have the chance to test two thirds of it, so keep in mind that if you're reading this and you downloaded the new version, you're the test compy. If you notice anything odd about any of the features that's not in the documentation, I would appreciate more than ever hearing about it at the Trescom forum or by e-mail (see top of page). I especially rely on any and all level designers for remarks and bug reports. Thank you.

Misc. note: Let it be known that the old Trespasser hacks page ( has been removed, along with all downloads. All important documentation, such as variable addresses, can now be found in the ATX package, in the main readme file (ATX_README.htm). The old executable hacks are now obsolete and unsupported (some were fatally buggy, and most have been converted for ATX). Also, some of the third-party files hosted on that page were inappropriate and should never have been hosted. I apologize to Prohosting (whom I am not explicitly notifying for obvious reasons) for putting up those files on their free server.

-> November 11, 2005 - First news update witthout an actual ATX release. I need to specify that further development of ATX will be put on hold for an indefinite period of time due to time constraints and the "research" factor. In short, given the total current knowledge of inner Trespasser EXE workings, no major features can be added because almost all of it has already been fully exploited. This simply means that a lot of digging needs to be done before any actual features are to be developped. This is time-consuming and may take many months.

Fortunately, some progress has already been made in this field. As it turns out, some debugging information was left in each Trespasser executable that I previously ignored (search for the string ".?AVC" in a hex editor for examples). It can be used (solely) to identify classes from their VTables. In a way, it can give you a look at a tiny fraction of the original source code. I will not go into detail unless somebody planning on further hacking the game needs a starting point, in which case that somebody should e-mail me.

I should also give notice that some of the features that I planned on working on (ActionType 107/108, for those of you who it should concern) are also put on hold. There are major issues with the control systems/physics that need to be dealt with. These features could currently be implemented, but the result would be too far from perfect for me to accept.

On another point, I recently made a request to anybody for contributions to ATX from writing dino randomization and jump files, drawing level load backgrounds and 2D maps, etc. If you in fact wish to contribute, simply e-mail me the product once it's done and it could be included in the next version of ATX. However, I may not be reachable in the meantime. I recommend visiting the Trescom message board for orientation and further info before doing anything.

On a last note, some of you have probably noticed typos all over the main page. This seems to happen when uploading the updated page to the server; for some reason, Geocities doubles some of the characters. This can result in bad links. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I don't think there's anything I can do about it.

Anyhow, I should point out that ATX is not dead. There is simply a lot of work to be done before anything is to be seriously accomplished. In the meantime, I wish the best of luck to the JPDS team and all the new modders and modelers; their work looks very promising.

-> October 10, 2005 - 1.40 BETA. A few new ffeatures, some very highly experimental.

-> September 11, 2005 - 1.36 BETA. I know.... it's about time. This version is mainly a bug fix release. However, a lot of code has been rewritten or modified. In fact, it is actually being released early for user bug-testing (yes, that means you). Have fun.

-> June 22, 2005 - 1.35 BETA. Experimental RREC video recording cheat. It is slow and leaps away from perfect, but generally works. A few other simple cheats have been added as well.

-> May 25, 2005 - 1.34 BETA. New menu optionns, dino randomizer can now be enabled for all default full-version levels, some fixes, MapIndex.ini file format slightly modified, squashed some bugs, and brought some new ones in. Please note that I'll be digging into a busy season for a good while and, as a result, updates will not be as frequent or savory (unless involving major bug fixes). In addition, I've removed my e-mail address from the introduction on this page. If you still have it, please do not attempt to contact me through it; I'm trying to get rid of it. If you need to do so, please register and/or post at Trescom, through the message board.

-> May 13, 2005 - 1.33 BETA. Jumping dinos, based on the TC-Isle jumping raptor (I recommend combining with the Matrix option for extra cinematic effect). All that's left to say is... be careful of what you wish for.

-> April 27, 2005 - Version 1.31 BETA releassed. It expands on the dino randomization feature, regulates FLY cheat speed, introduces a new ATXconfig.ini file, and fixes a few bugs. Also, new patcher! Note, despite these, that a lot of the code has been reorganized/rewritten and may have introduced accidental bugs. If you notice features missing from the last version, please make note of it at the Trescom message board. Thank you.

-> April 10, 2005 - Version 1.30 BETA on thee board. Includes new hotkeys, one new ActionType (106), and some cheat additions. Furthermore, the [object clarity] draw distance can now be set in real-time. Please report bugs at the Trescom message board.

-> March 26, 2005 - Version 1.25 BETA uploadded, as well as a new set of 2D maps by Rebel to be used in conjunction with the "MAP" cheat (link was present before this post). V1.25 includes a few new diagnostics cheats and an experimental list-based dino locator. As always, see readme file for details.

-> March 16, 2005 - New page set up for ATXTTres. Version 1.24 BETA uploaded. Some fixes and a few features, as well as updated documentation (package now includes the variable addresses in text format).


-> - Reliable game archive with Trespasser downloads.
-> FASM - Home of the Flat Assembler, used for all ATXTres releases.
-> - Creators of the excellent TC-Isle and Trescom Ops levels.
-> XVI32 - An excellent hex editor capable of handling very large files with ease.
-> Shrinkwrap VB - Finally a tutorial on the elusive Windows VFW AVIFile functions.
-> TCDC - SylverRaptor's Trespasser downloads center.
-> Digits - Free web page counters.

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