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Make Trespasser Secrets Your Home Page


WARNING: The secrets contained on these pages WILL ruin your Trespasser experience if you haven't completed the game.

Voice-Overs You wanted it, you got it.  *EVERY* voice-over location in the game.
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs are delightful little presents put into the game to be found by fanatics.
Off the path This provides the secrets to getting off the path on all levels without using the TELE cheat.   Many thanks to Tom Wolery for his extensive work on this.
Saved Games All my important saved games.  Off-the-path points, important places off-the-path, interesting saved games, and a few special saved games dealing with the demo.
Cheats The cheat codes built in by the developers of Trespasser, plus info on adding the Demo level and night Test Scenes to the retail & patched versions.
Registry/Ini Hacks Undocumented (or badly/sparsely documented) changes to the Registry or Ini files that have a useful effect on the game
Bugs Bugs in the game that can be exploited
Patches Unofficial patches to Trespasser created by yours truly.
Hints A place for clues on how to succeed at various tasks in Trespasser
DW Patch Page A link to the patches on the Dreamworks site.

Many of these secrets are (or were) exclusive to this site. Enjoy.

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