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"A lot of things you do seem simple but are really cool in a way gamers haven't seen before. You finish a puzzle and its like you really solved it yourself, you didn't just pull the lever and get the card, you really DID something."

As I said before, this point is where the game stops being a traditional FPS and takes on a shape of its own. The game does not have any other human opponents… they are all dead. The game will have, however, things you can kill, such as dinosaurs (duh).
Right now your probably thinking this to be some sort of Tomb Raider knock off, except instead of running around ancient ruins and blasting wolves and bears, that you run around some third-rate, artificial-looking outside world blasting Dino's with your guns. Well, not quite.

First off, if you find a gun - that's like discovering cold fusion. You probably wont be finding many guns in this game. And if you do, well, shooting a T-Rex with your pistol is like shooting a little kid with a water pistol. All he does is scream and run around and try and hurt you. Instead, you will be scrambling to find other means of defense, or if you will, offense. By this I mean you will be hoping to find some sticks or rocks to defend yourself - maybe a 2x4 to whack a dino right in the eye. Where do you find this stuff? Well, why don't you try pulling the leg off of a table, or hurling a chair.

If you are the clever gamer, and prefer using brains over brawn, then you could try other means of getting rid of prey that's on your trail. Why not try leading the pack of velociraptors into the T-Rex's nest, where the hunters will become the huntees. Or better yet, you could try prying that boulder loose on the hill with a crow bar in hopes that it will roll right through a pack of angry dino's. It's all up to you, the player, to decide how you will get past your enemies.

I said it before and I'll say it again - the physics model and engine in this game totally rock. Each object you see can roll, tumble, or basically be manipulated to your gain. Your character even creates a slight breeze as he walks by, for plants sway in the direction you walk when you walk past them. What does this all add up to? Basically, this means that Trespasser will be reaching a new level of interactivity and realism, and it will put shame to any other game claiming ultimate interactivity with the environment.