Tutorials - Exporting models from MAX
Using the 'TpmExp For Max' export script we'll export the model to .tpm format, which we can edit later with TPDC.

Extra notes
If for some reason something does go wrong while exporting you'll get some error warnings. Most often thats due to unsupported objects in the scene. The export script ignores most of the objects that it cannot export, but unfortunately its hard to predict what the script could come across so it is by no means fool-proof, but stable enough to export most simple scenes.

Whenever the MaxScript fails, close the TPM Exporter rollout, reload the script (repeat Step 1) and hide objects that are not Editable Meshes, or collapse objects to Editable Meshes and try again. It may also be necessary to restart (not reset!) MAX to solve problems with MaxScript in some cases.

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