Crichton's Tour

One of the more interesting features of the game was an interactive tour mode of particular levels and locations. You would go on a scavenger hunt looking for scrolls, and every time you would find one, a voicover by author Michael Crichton would be heard. His voiceovers were filled with historical information on the areas and items seen before you, sometimes with a sense of humor, and sometimes also revealing the changes the game had to make compared to how it really was, along with guesswork. It was a very interesting and informative mode of the game, and made even more special by the fact that the author of the novel himself took part in it.

By extracting all of his voicovers from the game, I have arranged them in the order they would be heard when played, set to music, giving you a unique experience of the tour mode without having to play it yourself. I dedicate this presentation to Crichton himself, for this is now a pretty rare bit of Crichton finally on display here.

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