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Introduction by John Hammond
My name is John Parker Hammond.  I was born on March 14, 1928.  What follows is a record of certain events in which I took part between the years 1980 and 1997 on an island I will call Site: B.  Site: B was not to be a theme park but a research station, this was where we did the real work.  By 1989 International Genetic Technologies had succeeded in their design to genetically create the dinosaurs.  It was an unprecedented accomplishment, the pinnacle of 20th century science, a work to rival the achievements of Galileo or Einstein.  But it wasn't always so easy or so simple as it appeared.  One seldom hears the true story of such events.  What happened at the place where the world changed, how it began, what were the reasons, what was the cost?

Level 1-The Beach
You have just woken up on the shore of an island after your plane crashed.  Go into the water to the bathroom door.  It's warm!  Head back onto the land.  Hello?   Marquez, are you there?  Estas Ali?  He was shouting when we went down trying to level us out.  Find the rock stairs and jump up them to six 7' concrete blocks.  A foundation maybe?  Play around with the stuff around you.  Jump onto the blocks on top of the hill, where you can hear Hammond talk.  The Southern Beach looked over trackless ocean, down the coast of South America, and all the way to Antarctica.  Head to the gate.  It is beautiful here, must be one of the offshore islands.  Cocos, one of the Cinco Muertes, maybe?  Just knock the gate down and arm yourself.  Push the next gate open and head to the billboard.  InGen?  Some sort of...  Wait! International Genetic Technologies?  That was the company from the dinosaur trail.  After the trial that old guy, John Hammond wrote a book.  He said it was some where in Central America.  My name is John Parker Hammond.  I was born on March 14, 1928.  Oh no!  Oh God!  This is Site: B!  This is John Hammond's lost world!  Follow the road till you reach a gap in the road.  A Noble Prize or a financial empire awaits in a darkened room, in a dirty derelict building somewhere in the Pacific.  Knock the boxes down to form a bridge.  Look at the Brachiosaurs and listen to the music.  Oh man!  He really did it!  Head to the next gap.  Brachiosaur.  Oldest of our recreations by 50 million years.  The only true Jurassic native.  Shoot a box down and climb out.  I knew all along this was a stupid idea!  They're probably out drinking right now.  Anne? Anne who.  Shoot the raptor attacking from the rocks and head to the ramp.  The technology of it is still in there in a darkened room with a dirty floor, it waits.  Rearm if you need to a kill the raptor behind the boulder and head to a peice of monorail track.  Velociraptor.  A small theropod.  Native to China and Mongolia.  Pack hunter quite viscous and quite intelligent.  Head to the monorail station.  This was the place.  I thought it was just an urban myth.  Listen to the broken recording.  Welcome to Site: B!  An InGen research facility.  For years man has wondered about the dinosaurs,  the largest land animals ever to have lived.  Now thanks to breakthrough technologies *sputters, hisses and dies*  Jump onto the track and follow  it to a gap.  Jump the gap and jump over the wall into the next level.

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