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Location Hint
Level 3 -
Jungle Road
Q: How do I cross the fallen trunk?
A: Pile up a bunch of stones to make steps, or do a running double jump up onto the trunk.
Level 4 -
In the Town
Q: Can't get out of town?
A: The Red card you need to get into Hammond's house is in Wu's house. To open the gate to Wu's house, hit the red A in the security room in the security building at the back of the town. (If you can't get into the security building, maybe you shouldn't be looking at the secrets on this site.)

Q: How do I get into Hammond's office?
A: (Provided by Zandor 10/9/1999) At the top of the stairs in Hammond's house is an Astronomy Map. It says Big Dipper, and shows 8 stars, the seven in the dipper and the North Star. The North Star is outlined. If you are standing just in front of this map, and look to your right, through the window, you'll see 8 small stones at the backyard, placed just like the 8 stars in the map. The North Star stone in the backyard hides the white key to Hammond's office.

Q: How do I make a basket?
A: (Provided by Zandor 10/9/1999) How to score points at the baseball court, without ever missing a shot. Place yourself at the head of the "free throwing area", not in the circle, but in the straight line that is parallel to the basket. Now move the mouse to center the basket in the middle of the screen. Then, lift your arm without moving the point of view and place the lower contour of the ball aligned with the upper part of the basket plank. Now throw, you'll never miss it.

Level 4b -
The Testscene
Q: How do I get back to Level 4 - In the Town.
A: You don't. There isn't any way back except to load a saved game or use the level jump cheat.
Level 5 -
The Lab
Q: Where's the green card mentioned in the Trespasser Official Strategy Guide?
A: The official guide used a beta version of Trespasser and the card was moved in the retail version. It's in the rear warehouse at the top of the highest stack of crates. You can reach it, but it's a lot of work.  

Q: Where's the Toxin rifle that was mentioned in the Trespasser Official Strategy Guide?
It is in the other warehouse on the top of the highest stack of crates.  Unfortunately, it is bugged, and does not act like a toxin rifle.

Q: Where's the purple keycard (also mentioned in the Trespasser Official Strategy Guide) that's supposed to be in a trashcan outside the buildings?
A: Gone.  It was removed from the final version of the game.

Level 8 -
The Summit
Q: What's the best way to do this level?
A: This answer is almost the same as every other level - run and jump.  It isn't necessary to kill a single dinosaur in Trespasser.  If you can run and jump and choose the right path, you can outrun & outwit the dinosaurs.
  You want more - well go find them! And let me know of course. :)

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