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My criteria for linking is that the site must discuss the Trespasser game specifically and not just Jurassic Park.  In addition, I will link to the website of any of the people who worked on Trespasser, providing that they have something on their site about Trespasser. 

Current Trespasser Sites

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Trespasser Net

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Site O (old)
| Site O (new)

Warmachine: Trespasser
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Project Trespasser

SinJin's Walkthru site

Chaos Theory Jurassic Park: Official Mod Site

Edge of Chaos Mod Site


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Dreamworks Trespasser Team Site | Dreamworks Trespasser Game Site

Brady Games Trespasser Guide
and the Update (snicker)

Related Links:
Sites of people who worked on Trespasser

Wei Ho - artist/modeler
( many thanks for the artwork!) 
Music to Go! by Bill Brown - Composer
Bill Brown, music composer
Rolf Mohr - artist/modeler

Current Sites | Dead Sites | Previews | Reviews

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