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Trespasser: Off the Path
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Level 1 - The Beach

This oneís not terribly interesting. Itís easy to get to the single OOB that surrounds the playing area. Go up from the beach to the start of the practice area. Walk east along the bluff overlooking the ocean until you are blocked from further advance by a steep slope. Your coordinates should be about -2015, -915, 24. As you look down, the sea is directly below you. But there is some land down below off to the side, farther east. Pressing "w," step over the edge of the bluff and run laterally for that land as you slide downward. Stay out of the water! There is an invisible "electric fence" right at the water line. It extends from the beach in both directions, to about -2600, 925, 12 to the east, and about -1835, -1139,13 to the west. When you get down on the land close to the water, feel your way around an invisible wall. Then you can either go inland and follow the playing area on its left side, or follow the coast down to about -2600, 925, 12 and enter the water.

If you choose the latter course, be sure to save your game before contacting the water line, as that invisible electric fence may still be present. Head offshore. Go about 60 yards or more before turning left and heading back toward the beach where this level begins. Move parallel to the shore. Do not approach it until you get near the very large offshore rock that is close to the beach. Otherwise, the invisible electric fence may get you. Note that the water seems to disappear when your head descends below the water level. You seem to be walking on the sandy bottom. As you get near the beach, you may safely approach it. That really nice water effect will reappear. Invisible walls keep you from getting back to the beach itself. If you bang into them hard enough, Ann will tell you that she really doesnít feel like going for a swim. You can continue your ocean walk going the other direction from the beach. At about -1835, -1139,13 (just beyond the really big rock offshore), you can exit the water. Then you can explore the OOB on land, following the playing areaís right side.

As you explore the sides of the playing area, try to keep as close as possible to the playing area itself. Youíll learn how to navigate places where visible terrain meets invisible wall. There is a spot on the right flank just beyond where the brachiosaurs hang out where you can get on top of a very high invisible wall and look down on about three quarters of the whole playing area. Down where the Level 2 area begins, youíll see that only a small part of that area is actually represented in the Level 1 world (an area that is maybe 100 yards wide by 150 yards long).


The Basement: The Level 1 basement is hard to get to. There are a few odd spots in the OOB where the auto-teleport-up process works at least partially in reverse. You have to use such a spot to get safely down to the basement (unless you use the "tele" cheat). Go to the southeast corner of the world. This is at about coordinates -2816, 256, 11.1. The basement level is about 1.4. A drop of 9.7 yards will kill you. The terrain is swampy, as it is in every auto-teleport-down spot that I have encountered (but most swampy terrain along the world edge does not support auto-teleport-down). Position yourself very close to the corner on the south edge, very close to the corner. If you do this right, if you look toward the world, your height will read 11.1. But if you look away from it, it will read about 5.1. When that happens, move out onto the basement. In general, auto-teleport-down takes you down about half the distance. I found another spot on the west edge where this will take you from about 100 yards down to about 50. Unfortunately, thatís not useful. I have only seen auto-teleport-down work on Level 1.

Once you get down, head west, staying about 100 yards from the south edge. Donít get too close or you might get under a terrain element and be auto-teleported up. Overhead terrain elements are difficult to see. Once you get near the southwest corner of the world, head toward the mountain and you should start to see objects. Itís a real debris field here. Some objects and their approximate locations:

2D Forest elements: -325, 86, 1.4

Trees: -147 ,68, 1.4

Rocks: -320, 47, 1.4

Boxes: -125,-719,1.4

Monorail pieces: -2523, -885, 1.5

Dinos (2 brachiosaurs and 4 raptors): -772, -1537, 1.4 (the raptors are north and west of the big guys)

Guns: I couldnít find them

Octahedron: 101, 26, 1.4

You might think you could get to the basement just by walking out to sea. Unfortunately, after youíve gone a certain distance, Ann just stops working. This is something else that Iíve only seen on Level 1. Anyway, the sea floor on this level is too high to safely drop down onto the basement. That also is unique among the levels.

By the way, thereís a spot in the northwest corner of the world that looks much like the southeast corner entry point. The terrain is swampy and has about the same vertical coordinate. However, auto-teleport-down doesnít seem to work at that spot.

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