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Trespasser: Off the Path
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Level 2 - Industrial Jungle

The OOB here consists of two parts, A and B. OOB A surrounds everything else. OOB B runs on the right flank of the playing area, and is separated from OOB A on its own right flank by a high ridge. Proceed to the valley where the trike is being attacked by two raptors. If you like, you can just avoid them. You have to make a decision here, to go left (south, toward the Plantation House) or right (past the big waterfall, the telephone kiosk, and the big section of monorail that acts as a ramp to get over a bluff). Going left takes you to a harder exit, but closer to interesting places.

To get to OOB A, head left (south). You donít need to go very close to the Plantation House, where a raptor awaits. Instead, once in the general vicinity, turn right (east), and go past the lophy and the little beach area known as Girl Scene. Follow the streambed leading up from Girl Scene. This takes you north into another valley. The other end of this valley is blocked off by obstructing terrain. There is a trike hanging about. Heís not too aggressive at this point, and you could ignore him. However, if you want to return to the playing area after entering the OOB, you may want to kill him now (unless you are using the "dinos" cheat). Once you enter the OOB, he will become extremely aggressive and hang out right below your re-entry point.

To exit the playing area here, go to the corner formed by the left (west) side of the valley and the obstructing terrain. This is on the opposite side of the valley from the streambed. You should find a moderately open cleft. When you start, your location should be about -2288, 256, 38, facing about 0.1, 0.8, 0.7. You may have to back up and jump into the cleft using "wq"; then holding down just "w" should suffice to move you upward. This will be a long, slow climb (about five minutes). You may want to rig up a fishing weight or something to hold down the "w" key while you take a short break. When you get near the top, save the game. Before you get to the top you will hit an invisible wall. Turn slight to the right. You will climb a short cleft between the invisible wall and the right side of the original, totally visible cleft. Go over the top of a little ridge. You can rest now. You are on top of the obstructing terrain, caught between invisible wall on the north and the top of the little ridge to the south. Move east, following the invisible wall until you are stopping by rising terrain. It looks like you canít continue, but you can. Face somewhat into the invisible wall and a bit upward, and you will climb over the rising terrain. You should now be close to the eastern side of the obstructing terrain (but not so far east that you are above the streambed). From this position, head down into the valley on the other side. You will have to bump past some invisible wall and generally nasty terrain, but you should be able to get down to the streambed on the far side of the obstructing terrain. You are now in Hidden Valley (part of OOB A).

To get back into the playing area (which you might want to do later), you canít just climb back up from whence you came, because the terrain is too steep. Instead, move from the streambed to the east wall of the valley (now on your left, facing the obstructing terrain). Make your way up the obstructing terrain, staying as far to the left as possible until you get to the top. This is not easy, and you will fail the first couple of times. Be persistent. You will end up directly over the streambed on the other side. If the trike is alive and active, he will be down there ready to give you three reasons not to trespass again in his territory. He will now show a real attitude. Freeze or kill him and climb down carefully (holding down "x" while descending is advised).

You canít get back into the playing area by going up the west side of the valley (to your right, facing the obstructing terrain from the Hidden Valley side). For one, the invisible walls that you encountered upon climbing up the big cleft block that area. If you get near the big tree near the top, youíll find that the terrain becomes "swampy." You sink into the visible terrain. Something kills you (I donít know what).

If you decide to go exploring, follow the streambed up through Hidden Valley. Youíll find that the other end is nicely decorated with trees, plants, rocks, etc. As you climb up the other end, you near the other part of the playing area (the part that went off to the right from the valley where the trike was attacked by the two raptors). This end of Hidden Valley is blocked off from that part of the playing area by invisible walls. Otherwise you could hook up with the monorail again. I think Hidden Valley was originally supposed to be part of the playing area. Sinjinís walkthrough hints that you can get back to the monorail this way. Maybe the valley was open in some alpha or beta version.

You can climb up the west side of Hidden Valley (to your left as you entered it) and explore more of OOB A. You can either follow the playing area containing the monorail up to the end of the level, or head back toward the South Coast. If you do the latter, you end up above Girl Scene on the other side (ocean side) of the coast ridge. Here you have two choices. You can go east, crossing the inlet at Girl Scene, and head back to the start of the level. Move along the inland side of the coast ridge. You can get a view from high above the Plantation House. Or you can go west. If you do this, stay as close as you can to the coast ridge (it should be on your right, the coast should be on your left). Soon you will come to a wooded area on a fairly steep slope. Get to about -2469, 285, 68. Go about ten feet farther west and you will hear Ann say, "This is like hiding in the woods behind my house. We used to pretend we were on a spy mission." [TSOrd - If you turn and head towards the ocean going to -2579, 318, 17 you will activate the hotspot where Hammond says "The southern beach looked out over trackless ocean. Down past Peru, all the way to Antartica."] Continuing west, youíll eventually find your way to the end of the level.

Going east from Girl Scene, you will eventually encounter some of the territory corresponding to the Level 1 playing area. A real oddity is that some of the invisible walls intended to keep you in the playing area of that level are present here in the Level 2 world as well. You will find them to be something of a pain, but you can get around them. Check out the partial representation of the Level 1 monorail station.

You can get to OOB A from near here. Head farther back into the Level 1 playing area territory, back toward where you went up the teetering ramp. Keep to the left, following the invisible wall. When you get to about -1664, 402, 49, follow the invisible wall to the left up the ridge. Youíll have to do some zigging and zagging. When you get to about 1675.8, -249.5, 106.0, you can step up onto the top of the invisible wall (use the "bones" cheat here). After admiring the view, move back to the ridge and continue following the invisible wall to about 1708, -220, 90. You are now in OOB B. Follow the right side of the playing area. There is some nicely decorated territory here. When you finally get up near where you are supposed to jump down from the ramping monorail track onto some boxes, you are close to a two-way playing area-OOB connection (described below). You might want to try this out. Then come back in and continue down the right side of the playing area to the end of the level (near -1570, 253, 116). You can pass here (in a relatively narrow geographic region) to OOB A (and back if you wish). Stay about 100 yards away from the end of the playing area (in any direction) to avoid being transported to the real Level 3. Check out the representation of the Level 3 playing area. Note the invisible walls surrounding the narrow gorge, just as they do in the real Level 3. Follow them to near where the world ends. Near there you can cross over to the other side of the gorge, or enter the gorge itself and follow it back to the hot area that transports you to the next level.

The direct way into OOB B is to go right from the valley where the trike is attacked by the two raptors. Climb up the ramping monorail to get over the bluff and drop down onto the boxes in the usual way. Or on the right wall of the valley below the bluff find a cleft and climb it up. You can then just walk past the bluff. An invisible wall forces you back down into the valley, but above the bluff. Go just a bit farther up the valley and you will find another cleft on the right wall that you can climb. At the top, you should see a bushy plant at about -2043, 72, 64 (facing 1.0, -0.0, -0.1). Approach it. You are stopped by an invisible wall. Holding down "w" gets you nowhere. Now also hold down "z" (crouch). You will move through. The going will be a bit rough until you get to the other side (about 15-20 yards). Remember that plant! You can aim at it to get back into the playing area. Now explore OOB B (or the rest of it if you came in the other way) at your leisure.

In OOB A, there is a place where you can climb the high ridge separating it from OOB B. Head up close to -1503, -352, 122 and get to the ridge top at -1567, -351, 160. Turn right and follow the ridge top. After a short distance, you can just slide down into OOB B.


The Basement: From Girl Scene (on the OOB side), head west along the waterline until you get to -2304, 1010, 2.4. Just walk out onto the basement (away from the island). Head around the southwest corner of the world (avoid getting under overlying terrain and being auto-transported-up). The objects are spread north to south off the west side of the world. Some objects and their approximate locations:

Steel girders: 60, 187, 1.4

Picnic table and chairs: -49, 143, 1.4

Boxes: -30, 334, 1.4

Trees: -18, -74, 1.4

Dinos (a brachiosaur, a lophy, a steggie, a trike, and a raptor): -257, -135, 1.4

Guns (including the toxin rifle): -1, 3, 1.4

Octahedron: 164, 26, 1.4


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