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Trespasser: Off the Path
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Level 3 - Jungle Road

The world for this level also consists of an OOB A (on your left as you start the level) and an OOB B (on the right as you start the level). In the Level 2 world, the two OOBs could be reached from each other. In the Level 3 world, that is not the case. You must find distinct exit points from the playing area. All exit points are in the final valley, after you make the big drop from the rock high above, landing in the pool of water lying below.

OOB B is easy to get to. As you approach the end of the playing area, find either of two clefts on the left side of the valley. The easiest one to climb is at -64, -32, 57, but there’s another at -80, -16, 53. Once you are up on higher ground, move to the left and past the fence that in normal gameplay you would get over by climbing the crane. Do not get too close to this fence, or to the town wall beyond, or you will be transported to Level 4. You are now in OOB B. You can head north, and then west. But there isn’t much to see. You can’t get around the summit to OOB A, because the world ends first. Instead, you can head east around the far side of the town wall (note how the wall floats about ten feet in the air). Note the lone tree beyond it. Move past that, go south. Climb up the ridge that flanks the final valley on the south side. Turn west, and head toward the stone steps that you had to climb before jumping off that rock. Check out the view.

You can now do one of two things. You can go back east a bit and down into the final valley and check out the black monolith that lies just south of the crashed plane. You can get close to it by working your way through a maze of invisible walls. The monolith itself appears to be contained within a wall, so you can’t touch it. It doesn’t seem to have any writing on it, so who knows why it is there. Or you can follow the playing area east and somewhat to the south. Gaze down into the deep gorge where the crashed helicopter lies. You can jump down onto the large rock that forms the roof of the "tunnel" you had to go through before getting to that gorge. But save your game first, because you can’t get back up. There is a nicely decorated area above the valley where you had to get past the t-rex and the two raptors. At the start of the level, you discover that there is very little of the Level 2 territory represented. The world ends almost immediately here. It looks like you should be able to cross to the other side (to OOB A), but invisible walls prevent you from doing so.

To get to OOB A, return to the final valley. Go west, away from the town. Stay to the left (south) of the power lines. Poke around the valley walls in the vicinity. Find a cleft at 478, 2868, 62 and climb it. You run into an invisible wall near the top. This makes another cleft with the visible terrain on your left. Turn a bit left and follow that up and over. Then follow that wall farther to the left where it runs into the south ridge wall. Climb the cleft formed by this intersection. Come down on the other side. You are now in OOB A. Check out the power lines running west. Where they end, there is a deep, bowl-shaped valley. That corresponds to the playing area of the demo level (note the coordinates if you doubt this). Don’t bother going down into this valley. Instead, head south, up to the top of the south ridge. You can go to the north ridge and try heading east, but after a short while, you run out of help from invisible walls and you fall back into the normal playing area. This is not worth the bother.

From the top of the south ridge, follow the left flank of the playing area back to the start of the level. As you start out, you’ll see that there is a lot of decoration up here that isn’t visible from the playing area. This diminishes as you move closer to the start of the level. Although you can’t drop back into the playing area due to invisible walls, you can get close enough to the narrow gorge to catch some great views. Near the start of the playing area, you can get on top of some of the invisible wall elements (turn on the "bones" cheat). Unfortunately, you can’t get over into OOB B.

Speaking of great views, you can get one from the "crow’s nest" back in the Level 3 final valley (use the "bones" cheat here). The crow’s nest is an invisible platform that you can reach by climbing a cleft where an invisible wall intersects the south wall of the valley, just east of that pool you had to jump into. There is another such cleft very close to the pool. You can climb that one and get quite close to the big rock you jumped from, but I couldn’t make it past that point. To get to either cleft, you have to position yourself on the east side of an invisible wall that starts just to the east side of the pool and runs about northeast into the valley, ending at about 364, 262, 51. Once you’re on the east side of that wall, use it to climb in the direction of the pool. At about 388, 312, 75, facing about 0.6, 0.7, 0.4, you’ll start climbing up to the big rock. To get to the crow’s nest, climb up most of the way toward the pool, then move east. At about 362, 312, 79, you’ll hit the cleft formed by the base of the crow’s nest (an invisible wall) and the steep valley wall. Climb up to 366, 33, 108, and you’re there. You can climb all the way up to the top of the south ridge from the crow’s nest. However, an invisible wall forces you back into the playing area near the black stone steps.


The Basement: You can’t get to the basement from OOB B (unless you use the "tele" cheat). The world edge is always too high. If you follow the edge of the world in OOB A, you don’t find a sufficiently low spot either. However, you do find something quite interesting. The low spot is at -258, 1535, 21.0. The 21 yards here is too high to fall without being killed (I tried a couple of times, anyway). Before you find this spot, though, your attention will be drawn to something unusual nearby. At about -295, 1468, 27, there are two dead raptors, each lying under what looks like its "ghost." The two raptors face the nearby edge. If you stand between them facing in the direction they face, your gaze goes right to that low point. Obviously, there’s a puzzle here. Maybe this leads to a way down to the basement.

If you start Level 3 fresh and teleport to this spot, you will see the two ghosts minus the dead raptors. I played the level through a way and found that the dead raptors are the ones that appear where the narrow gorge enters a valley (where a t-rex soon appears). I killed the two raptors, sneaked past the t-rex, and made my way to the waterfall at about -1121, 576, 48 (very close to the hot area that summons the t-rex). I teleported back to the ghost spot. The dead raptors were there. Then I teleported back to the valley. They were gone as expected.

For extra fun, when you get to the valley with the two raptors and the t-rex, don’t kill the raptors. Teleport to -175, 579, 52 and head toward the waterfall. Once at the hot area (at about -1121, 576, 48), face 0.9, 0.3, -0.1. Then teleport to -305, 1457, 29 (near the raptor ghosts). The two raptors will be there, live this time. They will immediately start running north back to the playing area. They won’t pay much attention to you, unless you get in their way. They will turn on you once they have reached the barriers surrounding the playing area.

Position yourself west of the raptor ghosts, looking east. Draw your weapon or touch a dead raptor. Notice how the color of the terrain element to the east changes. I first thought this might mean something. However, if you teleport to the northeast corner of the Level 3 world, about -1022, -510, 99, you see a lot of glittery terrain. Drawing your weapon here has the same effect.

In the interim, I used the "tele" cheat to explore the basement object field, which is visible from either OOB A or OOB B near the start of the level. Some things and their approximate locations:

Trees: -1284, 509, 1.4

Vehicles: -1217, 117, 1.4

Boxes: -30, 334, 1.4

Guns: -1354, 83, 1.4

Dinos (a t-rex, an albertosaur, a lophy, and two raptors): -1404, 174, 1.4

Octahedron: Not found


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