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Trespasser: Off the Path
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Level 4 - In the Town

The world for this level has a single OOB. You canít circle the summit, because the world ends first; the OOB has kind of a horseshoe shape. The OOB here is mainly interesting because of the views that you can get of the town.

There are two ways out. One of them allows you to get back in. The easy way is to proceed to the end of the level. The final gate is ahead of you. You cut to the right, where the wall intersects the terrain. This forms a cleft. You can climb it to the top of the wall. You see a deep, bowl-shaped valley down below, which is territory corresponding to the playing area of the demo level (you might want to note the coordinates for later reference). Save your game. Go over the wall. Donít get too close to the gate or youíll be transported to Level 5. You can use the "bones" cheat to show the hot area that you must keep out of to avoid being transported.

Before descending into the valley, cut back uphill to the right. You can follow an invisible wall back toward the empty reservoir and get a great view. Then go back and descend into the valley, using a cleft where possible and holding down "zx" to reduce speed and improve your chances of surviving. Face the direction you want to go, using the mouse to steer. The terrain is too steep to climb back up, so this is a one-way trip. When you get to the bottom, move to the valley center. Go left (east), and climb up to the top. This is about where you saw the power lines end in Level 3 OOB A (check the coordinates if you doubt this). Head east. Basically this takes you through a valley that corresponds to the final one in Level 3. As you get to the east end, the terrain will become more detailed and some power lines will appear.

You canít re-enter the playing area and the town, which lie directly ahead. You can go left and climb the ridge, which is the south ridge for the Level 4 valley leading from the town to the dam. You can get some great views. Near the dam, an invisible wall forces you left over the ridge and down into the Level 3 valley.

If back at the town end of the Level 3 valley you go right, then you can circle the town and eventually find yourself on the north ridge overlooking the valley leading from the town to the dam. Near the southeast corner of town, you can work your way onto a sequence of invisible wall elements that lie on the south side of the townís south wall. You can get some great views from here. Save your game before moving out on these objects, because you may not be able to get back. On the east side of town, you can drop down on the back side of the large electrical fence. On the north side, above the town, there is a nicely decorated plateau that you canít see much of from the playing area. At the westernmost point of this plateau, you can with some effort get over the invisible wall separating you from the playing area. You can drop down into it here, although unfortunately the fall is not survivable. Assuming you choose to pass on that, you can continue west on the ridge to the north of the valley leading to the dam. On your way, youíll pass the two-way connection point.

To exit the playing area at that place, proceed about halfway down the valley (leading from the town to the dam) just past where things narrow. You need to be following the right (north) side. There is a concentration of raptors here, so watch out. There is a cleft at coordinates 288, -256, 51. Climb it. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the top. Move inland (north) as far as possible. An invisible wall forces you to move east. Then you are forced south back toward the valley. But you can get around this and move away from the valley again (in a somewhat easterly direction. Then you are slowly forced back. Use "w" and keep yourself strongly angled against the invisible wall. You are actually forced over the edge that drops back into the valley, but you are able to cling to the wall. At 189, -324, 81, there is a gap in the wall. You move slowly through this. Itís about 20 yards to the other side. You can see the gap from both sides if you use the "bones" cheat.

By the way, you donít need the purple card to exit the town. Nor do you need to stack boxes. Approach the center of the locked gate. Put your nose in the gap and hold down "wq". Youíll climb the gate and pop out on the other side. Go back the same way.

Nor do you need the white card to get into Hammondís office in his mansion. Position yourself just to the right of the door, by the card reader. Hold down "zw". Your head will pop through the wall and youíll be able to see inside the office. Switch to "wq" and youíll go up and through. You can get back out the same way.

Unlike others have reported, I couldnít climb to the top of the wall at the so-called "West Gate" (on the south wall, south of Ops). I had to get up on the wall using some boxes behind the church, where the fence hits the wall. I then had to walk down the top of the wall east to reach the point where you are transported to the test scene. I later found out that walking on the ground along the wall, pressing a bit into it, I could also hit the hot area and be transported there.


The Basement: You can access the basement from the north edge. The is a wide spot just west of the northeast corner, running from 1, -1278, 1.9 to about -511, -1278, 1.6. There is also a single spot farther west, though I failed to note the coordinates. The objects run north to south off the east edge of the world. Some objects and their approximate locations:

2 toxin rifles: -1568, -245, 1.4

Other guns: -1611, -306, 1.4

Dinos (2 t-rexes, a lophy, and 2 raptors): -1515, -527, 1.4

Dinos (5 raptors): -1569, -608, 1.4

Octahedron: -1813, 603, 1.4


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