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Trespasser: Off the Path
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Level 6 - Ascent Part 1

On 8/27/99 in the Ingennet Trespasser forum, Sharukin reported a third exit. This is just beyond the last bridge, very close to the end of the level. After making the crossing (you have to jump a gap), turn right at about 1896, -120, 159 and head up to about 1889, -127, 163. From there, you have to proceed back in the direction of the pyramid (south). At about 1854, -96, 164 there is a difficult transition. If you make it, you can head up the mountain a ways and then north to the start of the Level 7 area. If you don't make it, you fall back down onto the path near the pyramid.

The gap near the start of the level (at 1495, 402, 166) CAN be reached from the playing area. From the level start, pass to the right of the rocks over to your right. As you descend, some trees are directly ahead and below. Shortly after passing the first tree (near 1501, 453, 137), stop and turn to your right. Above you is a slope, and above and behind that is the summit. Proceed up that slope, aiming slightly to the left of the top of the summit. The ground here is slippery in places. A bit of adjustment to the right and then to the left is required. You may have to do this twice, depending on exactly where you start up the slope and the exact path you take. At 1511, 402, 164 you hit an invisible wall. Follow this to the right to reach the inside of the gap.

Well, the first thing to note here is that there is a missing level between Levels 5 and 6. That or the space in between originally belonged to Level 5 or 6, or it was split between them. When you exit the pens from Level 5 (just before you are transported to Level 6), your location coordinates should be about 1319, 1008, 55, facing about 0.0, -1.0, 0.0 (due north). When you first appear in Level 6, your location coordinates are about 1449, 429, 149, facing about 1.0, 0.0, 0.0 (due west). You are much closer to the mountain, and you have been turned 90 degrees to the left. The pens behind you at the start of Level 6 are not the same pens you passed through at the end of Level 5! You can explore the territory of the missing level in both the OOB of Level 5 and OOB A of Level 6.

The world for this level has OOBs A, B, and C. OOB A is on both sides and behind you when you start this level. OOB B includes the valley that lies below and west of the ruins (including the pyramid) near the end of the level, and areas extending north from it. These areas run between the coastal bluff and the mountain. The entire mountain is represented in this world. There is a deep valley on the east side (including map coordinates 773, -1, 89) that is reachable from either OOB A or OOB B and might be considered part of either. Once you enter this valley, the slopes are so steep that you canít get out, except by going over the edge into the basement (where some dinos wait frozen down below). If you do go over the edge here, the fall kills you. OOB C (the "sea") includes all the territory below the coastal bluff. It includes mostly sandy bottom. You can walk out beyond the edge onto the basement without being killed. Thatís because your vertical coordinate here is only about 1.5 yards (not much distance to fall). There doesnít seem to be much real limit on how far from the edge (or the island) that you can go. I once move about 3600 yards offshore (from the bluff on the west side of the island) before I gave up looking for something interesting to happen..

Iíll first discuss OOB B. To get there from the playing area, make your way up past the stone steps to the ruins. About halfway between the southernmost ruins and the pyramid there is a cleft or notch that you can use to descend the cliff down into the valley down below and to the left of the ruins. When you think youíve found the spot, save your game. Hold down "zx" while you descend to improve your chances of surviving. If you donít make it the first time, keep trying. Once you succeed, you are in OOB B. Head down toward the coast and explore the territory. A lot of it is richly decorated.

OOB B includes the territory that corresponds to the Level 7 playing area. Check it out. You can get to the Level 6 end-of-level area from this OOB. Itís hard to do, but it can be done. If you manage to get there, youíll be transported to the real Level 7. So save your game if you think you might be getting close. You can follow OOB B north around the mountain to the east side, where you become trapped in that deep valley that I mentioned earlier.

OOB C can be reached from the playing area, OOB B, or even OOB A by descending the coastal bluff. Always save your game, then look for a good cleft or notch to climb down. Remember to hold down "zx" while descending to improve your changes of surviving. If you get killed, try again, maybe using a different cleft or notch. Once youíre down, youíll be below the water and see mostly sandy bottom. I looked for places to climb back up the bluff, but never found any. However, you can get to OOB B or OOB A from from the basement (which you get to from OOB C) using the auto-teleport-up mechanism. While following the bluffs in OOB C, be aware that the dinos in the playing area above the bluffs may detect you and drop in for a bite. You can use the "bones" cheat to keep tabs on them.

The quickest way to get to OOB A from OOB C is to follow the bluffs in an easterly direction. When you first drop down a bluff into OOB C, turn left. Proceed until it appears that the world ends. There is an invisible barrier here just before the end, at the base of the bluff. It is of no practical use, but you have to avoid it. Do that by approaching the bluff no closer than the tan stripe between the two bottom textures. This places you about 10-15 yards away from the base of the bluff, just beyond the invisible structure. Face the edge (looking south). Take a deep breath, then walk straight out about 10-20 yards onto the basement. Now turn left and go east about 20-40 yards, paralleling the "edge of the world." Turn left again (toward the north). You can see the underside of some of the nearby terrain elements comprising the island. Walk straight ahead. When you move directly underneath a terrain element, you are "teleported" to its upper surface, or almost. You will suddenly find yourself in "swampy" terrain. Move toward what looks like more solid ground. If you donít seem to be moving (you can use the "loc" cheat to be sure), adjust your direction. Once youíre on solid ground, youíre in OOB A.

Move back up the coast (in a northerly direction), toward the playing area. On your way, youíll see some nicely decorated valleys that canít be seen from the playing area itself. Invisible terrain will prevent you from entering the playing area. Follow this terrain east up toward the pens where this level starts. You can get some great views from the ridge that looks down them. Continue following them past the pens, on to near the end of the valley beyond the pens. This valley looks much like the one near the end of Level 5 that held the Biochemistry, Computer, and Administration buildings, but it is not that valley. Once you get near the far end of this valley, you can get around the invisible walls and head toward the pens. Note that you can go through the walls in places. However, you canít get back into the playing area.

This is a good place to save your game, because you can now continue exploring in three directions. If you head east around the far end of the mountain (in the counter-clockwise direction), youíll eventually wind up in that deep valley that is shared with OOB B. However, there is really little of interest in the OOB in that direction. You can also head east and then south toward the coordinates for the end of the Level 5 playing area and see what the terrain for the missing level between Levels 5 and 6 looks like (in a general way, at least). Lastly, you can head over to the north side of the valley and go up, then turn left and head west, and pass the pens on the other side. Just beyond the pens, close to coordinates 1495, 362, 184, there is narrow gap in the invisible terrain separating OOB A from the playing area. The other end is at about 1495, 402, 166. This is in a spot above the valley in the playing area. The gap allows a two-way passage, but you canít get up to it from that valley itself (I couldnít, anyway; you can climb up where the pen wall meets the terrain, then follow an invisible wall to the left, away from the pen. I always fell before reaching the higher ground.). Back on the OOB side, continue west, eventually swinging north. You can get on top of a large block of invisible terrain that overlooks the pyramid. From there, you can get to either the end-of-level area and be transported to Level 7 or drop down into OOB B, in territory corresponding to the Level 7 playing area, but some distance from the Level 6 end-of-level area.


The basement: When you drop down into OOB C from the playing area or from OOB B, go to the right (in a northerly direction). When you come to what looks like the edge of the world, just keep going on the basement. Stay about 200 yards away from where the island terrain elements might be (you canít see them all that well from your position). If you stray under one of them, you will be teleported up as described earlier for the OOB C to OOB A transition. You want to move a long way around the island, until youíre almost due east of the summit. Looking toward the summit, you should see the deep valley that is shared by OOBs A and B. You will then find clumps of various game objects, including these at the following approximate locations:

Truck: 416, 184, 1.4

Trees: -453, 297, 1.4

Guns: 410, -301, 1.4

Dinos (A t-rex, an albertosaur, a steggie, and 2 raptors): 683, -131, 1.4

A single raptor: 88, 11, 1.4

Octahedron: 102, -60, 1.4

If you make your way to about coordinates 760, 417, 1.4 and take a few more steps inland, youíll be teleported up into OOB A. Once you get out of the swampy terrain, you might be somewhere near 774, 423, 43. Head toward the mountain, then go left (clockwise). Youíll end up back in the valley on the east side of the pens.

If you want to do a directed teleport to the summit, a set of coordinates that works is 1350, -50, 492. This puts you just a bit above the windfarm level. Work out your own way to points higher. Check out the elevator, which is around to the left from the windfarm area in this level. This elevator has safety railings. These are absent from the elevator in Levels 7 and 8.

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