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Trespasser: Off the Path
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Level 7 - Ascent Part 2

This level has one OOB that surrounds both the playing area (which is nestled up against the mountain) and the mountain itself. You can completely circle the mountain. The west side of the Level 7 world includes a substantial amount of sea floor (corresponding to what you saw in Level 6). However, here it is not a separate OOB, because in the southwestern and southern parts of the world it is easy to walk up or down between the sea floor and the island itself. Here also you can walk out from the sea floor onto the "basement." On the east side of this world, elevated terrain elements lie directly above accessible basement. Here you can use the auto-teleport-up trick described earlier to get up from the basement onto these terrain elements.

Here is one way to get to the OOB. Go to the raised square area on the north flank of the mountain. This area contains stone obelisks, a sawhorse, and two shotguns. It is where you leave the green landscape for the steep gray rock terrain. The sawhorse and shotguns are near 1322, -449, 181. Instead of taking the path that leads up to the summit, go left (east) until terrain blocks your way. Then turn right (south), and head up the slope of the mountain itself. You should pass near 1249, -385, 202. After a short climb, there is a flat area to your left. Turn and follow it to about 1215, -321, 232. Here you run into an invisible wall. Facing strongly into it, and slightly toward the mountain, carefully follow the invisible wall (north) up to about 1214, -278, 265. At about that point, you pop up onto the top of the invisible wall. Turn on the "bones" cheat, if you donít have it on already. Check out the view. Then move back toward the mountain and then east to the other edge of the invisible terrain. You can either step off onto an abutting ledge, then descend, or just follow the edge down. Then youíre in the OOB. Unfortunately, you canít get back up once youíre all the way down. The edge has a little trap near the bottom, and the slope is too steep to get back up to the ledge that abuts the top of the invisible wall.

Another way to get down puts you slightly farther east. From the raised square area, go up the path as in normal gameplay. At about 1246, -169, 422, you intersect a paved road. In normal gameplay you follow that up to the summit. Instead, follow the paved road leading down. The paving ends at about 1194, -111, 403. Move up over to the edge just about anywhere in the immediate vicinity until you are looking down the mountain. Save your game. Choose a good-looking spot and "luge" down (hold down "zx" and steer with the mouse). If you get killed, try again. When you get down alive, youíre in the OOB.

I would suggest first circling the mountain in a clockwise direction. Stay as high as possible, to keep the journey shorter. When you get most of the way around (to about the west side of the mountain), you will find the start of the playing area. The playing area itself is pretty solidly walled in by invisible terrain. The only spot I found that permitted re-entry was near the start, about as high up as you can get on the mountainside. There is a gap between the invisible terrain and the mountainside here. You can slide down into the playing area at a point not too far from the first set of ruins. However, it is worth exploring the outside of the playing area. Some of it is nicely decorated. The rest of the OOB is less interesting.

What about the summit itself? Isnít that another OOB? Technically, I suppose that it is. However, I couldnít find a way to get to it using normal gameplay. I tried two approaches. One was to take the elevator and try to avoid transport to the Level 8 world. If you turn on the "bones" cheat, you can see a floating box element slightly above where the elevator platform would normally stop. It is your contact with this element that initiates the transport. I tried such things as crouching in a corner of the platform, and holding a box over my head (thinking that maybe presence of the box would somehow prevent the transport). Also, thereís a spot in the slope about 15 yards back toward the trailer from the elevator that looks exploitable. It looks like if you can get part of the way up, the slope decreases and there are clefts or notches. I carried the plywood sheet and two of the boxes over there and tried to build something that I could run up and then jump from, hoping to get to where I could continue. I didnít succeed, even with the "bionic woman" cheat turned on. Later I used the "tele" cheat to get to the top. I then checked out the slope I was trying to reach with the plywood and boxes. I found that it is not climbable after all. So scratch that idea.


The basement: North of the summit, you can walk down onto the basement at about 1600, -1024, 1.5. Turn east (-1, 0) and proceed until you see the first clump of objects ahead. Move toward it. Itís roughly northeast from the summit. Youíll see more clumps to the south. The object clumps are generally located east of the summit. Some objects and their approximate locations:

Large rocks: Near 193, -888, 1.4

Jeep: 94, -638, 1.4

Stone obelisks: 295, -704, 1.4

Boxes, of all types: 38, -277, 1.4

Trees: -407, 305, 1.4

Guns: None I could find

A single raptor: 315, -429, 1.4

Octahedron: 640, -12, 1.4

You can also walk down onto the basement anywhere along on a long stretch west of the summit.

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