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Registry and Ini hacks

All registry and Ini hacks require a restart of the game.

  1. In the patched version the following registry key controls the resolution of distant objects. Change 00000080 to 00000100 to double resolution, and to 00000040 to halve it. On my machine, using the unpatched version, with a Graphics Blaster Extreeme video card, this hack has no effect. (Discovered by Tony Haglof, Swedish dinosaur hunter*.)
    • REGEDIT4
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DreamWorks Interactive\Trespasser]
      "Max Recommended Tex Dim"=dword:00000080
  2. How to play Trespasser without the CD: (Figured out by yours truly :)
    • Copy the DATA directory from the CD to your hard drive (about 700 megabytes)
    • Modify the registry:
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DreamWorks Interactive\Trespasser]
      "Data Drive"="C:\\"
    • Start Trespasser and use the SHIFT+CTRL+Q+W cheat to select a level to play or load a saved game. The NEW GAME button will cause a crash.
  3. How to play Trespasser without the CD and without it crashing because the CD isn't installed (Figured out by RBFLASCO!)
    • Copy the entire CD to your hard drive
    • Install Trespasser from the copy
    • Play. Enjoy.
  4. None yet. :)

* I'm not sure what Swedish dinosaurs look like.

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