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Anne's Story

Chapter 3, End of the Road

The view from where the road crested the hill was beautiful. In a valley between the hills was an open plain covered with flowers, birds were singing and chirping, and a light wind blowing out from the valley carried the fragrance of mountain meadow. As I paused for a moment to enjoy the view I was greeted by the cold reptilian roar of a raptor.

The raptor came out from behind a large boulder. I shrunk down behind a small boulder, trying to avoid being seen. The raptor roared again, closer this time. It must have seen me. I rose from behind the rock and took aim as the raptor ran towards me. My first shot missed, but caused the raptor to pause and turn it's head. It stood there glaring at me. I glared back. I hoped it would run, but as I steadied my aim it charged again. My second shot hit it in the chest, knocking it up and back. The third shot entered its neck and exited through the top of its head. The raptor stopped, dead in its tracks. It was another young raptor.

I felt extreme satisfaction knowing that raptor wouldn't breed, but my heart was beating fast - young or not, a raptors' roar can strike fear into anyone's heart. I was confident now, I knew a weakness. Two shots would be sufficient to kill a young raptor, maybe one if I could hit it in the head. The tables had turned, once hunted, now hunter.

I cautiously moved down the road, giving a wide berth to anything big enough for a raptor to hide behind. All the hiding places were empty of raptor, thankfully. The land was taking back the road quickly - grass, flowers, and a small tree now grew where the road had once been. The plain was half-enclosed by a high cement fence, and otherwise blocked by the steep hills on either side. There were only two exits - the road to the beach, and a large pair of wooden gates, held shut by a wooden beam bigger than me. In the center of the plain was a raised structure, looking for all the world like a train station. It gave the decaying cement monorail a reason for existing. The monorail was higher than the cement wall and must have once passed over it. Scattered around the plain were more crates, barrels, and other junk. A sign near the road announced "Welcome to Site B."

The road led to the gates and passed through, but I was a bit thicker than the inch or two gap between the gates and would never fit through it. I tried moving the beam, but it was too heavy for me. Even using a crowbar I had found nearby I couldn't budge it. I looked around, trying to figure out how to get past the gate. The gates wouldn't open, I couldn't climb them, and the packed dirt of the road was too hard to dig.

I looked up. I'm not afraid of heights, really, but the thought going through my mind was not pleasant. I looked toward the wall. The monorail ended before the wall, and a chunk was missing between two parts of the monorail.

I kept saying to myself "I'm not going to jump, I just need to go up and take a look."  I went up to take a look.

On the platform was a bench and a rusting speaker box with a button. I pressed the button, and a stupid, useless, pre-recorded message spewed out. I looked around for a phone. There's always a phone at a train station. There wasn't a phone. Who would create a train station without a phone!? I know that DisneyWorld has phones at its monorail, even the tiny train-trolley at Lake Compounce in Connecticut - the longest running amusement park in the United States - has a phone nearby. Hammond didn't have a problem with industrial espionage, he had a problem with incompetent designers.

On the large InGen sign on the platform was tacked a small sign which said something about the monorail leading to the Town of Burroughs and a visitors center. Hammond may have had incompetent designers, but even he would have to have a phone at a visitors center! I could follow the monorail and be there before sunset.

I easily made the short jump onto the monorail and headed for the gate. When I reached the end of the first section of monorail, I looked down. It was a long way down. Falling was not an option. I backed up, got a good running start, and lept the short distance to the next monorail section. I was getting good at this jumping, even with only one good arm.

The perimeter wall was about a yard away from the monorail, and about the same distance below it. Unfortunately, the wall was only about a foot thick. I could see more monorail remains beyond the wall, and lots of grass and leaves on the ground. Excited about the prospect of a town on this godforsaken island, I figured I could jump to the wall and from there drop down safely to the ground.

I was mistaken.

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