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Anne's Story

Chapter 4, Ouch

As I jumped for the wall I realized I needed a free hand to hold on and balance myself when I landed. I dropped the gun I was holding - sure that I'd find another. I didn't think I could actually land on top of the wall but I surprised myself. My balance was off, however, and I jerked around like a marionette with a broken string. Time slowed as I twisted and contorted my body in a futile fight against gravity. I lost the fight and managed to slam belly first into the top of the wall, knocking my breath out. I held on for a few seconds before I lost my grip. As I fell to the ground on the other side of the wall I thought to myself "this is going to hurt." It did.

A lot.

I heard a dull thump, like a rock hitting the ground, on the other side of the wall. Then the sky turned black and the stars came out.

I awoke after a few minutes, at least I hoped it was only a few minutes. I hurt all over. I rested on the cool moist ground recovering from my fall. A few minutes passed before I felt well enough to stand again.

Standing at the gate I looked around. The area was hilly with a few bushes and trees scattered about. The road headed into the hills. The jungle was reclaiming the road which made it hard to follow. Portions of the monorail still stood and I knew that led to the town. Near the gate was another cement & metal cabinet like the one I had seen earlier. Inside was a Desert Eagle. As I picked it up my heart sank - I had lost the gun I had been carrying in my shorts.

I followed the monorail carefully, watching for any raptors, and was surprised to find another cement & metal cabinet with a gun inside. They must have put a ton of these gun cabinets all around the island for safety.

As I continued following the monorail, I found a large dinosaur with a very small head, a ridge of plates over its back, and a spiky tail. It wasn't aggressive like the raptors, but I was taking no chances. I made a wide circle around it, my gun pointed at it the entire time. It moved slowly, sniffed a few times in my direction, and then started eating the ferns. I hoped that meant it was a herbivore, and not just a sick carnivore.

Keeping an eye on Spiky until I was sure he wasn't coming after me, I walked sideways along the road. Movement up ahead caught my eye as a raptor rushed from behind a large boulder. It roared and charged. I roared back, "Die!" Two shots later it did. Spiky moved away a bit - I guess he didn't like the gun shots. Skirting around the boulder the raptor had hid behind, I carefully watched for others. No other raptors were in sight.

The road quickly disappeared and the unfinished monorail became my guide. I followed the remains of the monorail to a dead end. A stack of monorail sections, a few small crates, and a large crate stood in front of a six foot high dirt wall. The steep hills blocked any way around the wall. The small crates were on top of the stacked monorail sections too high for me to reach. As I looked around for something to knock them down with I noticed another gun buried in the dirt. "That would work" I thought to myself.

I took careful aim and managed to shoot down all three small crates with one shot. They were empty and light enough to move in front of the large crate. A quick hop, skip, and a jump and I was over the dirt wall.

The road continued beyond the wall, leading into a large open area with the scattered remains of civilization that is found at all construction sites. The usual stuff - crushed beer cans, construction material, a sledgehammer, stray raptors - you know, the usual stuff. I welcomed the raptor as best I could. He decided to roll over and play dead. I thought to myself "that was number four, how many raptors are left on this island?" The answer was unpleasant. I decided not to think about it.

The site had a small dilapidated wood shed with no door. There was, of course, no phone or radio. Inside was a shotgun. Useless damn weapon when you only have one good hand. Amongst the debris was another Desert Eagle, my favorite. It certainly wasn't the most powerful handgun but I was a dead shot with it and it held more ammunition than the Smith & Wesson I had picked up at the dirt wall.

Beyond the shed the road passed into more hills and as I followed it, the road simply disappeared entirely. I just stared. How could a road just stop? I looked around but the terrain seemed all wrong. Up ahead the remains of a road ran down a hill on my left, across my path, and then back up another hill. It didn't make a lot of sense. The hill to the left seemed higher and more open so I chose that direction. Once at the top of the hill I'd be able to see all around and might get some idea of how far I was from the town.

The hill was steep and I had a hard time finding a path up it.  When I reached the top I suddenly understood what was wrong. The road and the ground it sat on had been twisted and folded. Farther ahead I could see that the road continued, squashed as it was between two hills. To the right were more hills and trees. To the left, the way I had been traveling up the hill, was a panoramic view of a valley leading all the way down to the shore. A beautiful view, but I didn't care.

Sitting in the center of the valley was a house. It was a large house with a stable. It didn't seem to be in very good shape, but there had to be a phone in there. I ran down the hill only vaguely away of the dinosaur bones nearby. It had been a big dinosaur, maybe even a Brachiosaur.

I quickly searched the stables and found a shotgun inside. Fully loaded, but not much use. As I turned around towards the door I heard a deafening roar. The roar made me jump and I accidentally fired the shotgun. I couldn't tell where the roar had come from so I squeezed into the outer corner and sat, aiming alternately out the stable door and up towards the inside stable wall.

I sat in the dimly lit stable, frightened for my life, and praying that this was just a very loud raptor. I remembered the bones outside, it would take a T-rex to bring down a brachiosaur. I hoped this wasn't him.

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