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Anne's Story

Chapter 5, Tea Time

With the noise the T-Rex outside was making I was afraid he was going to smash the stables to splinters. The noise outside stopped, but the beating of my heart was terribly loud in my ears, I idly wondered if a T-Rex could hear heartbeats. I sat quietly, hoping it was going away.

Suddenly something appeared in front of the stable door. My heart raced as I emptied the shotgun into it. The creature roared. Six shotgun blasts from less than ten feet away would rock an elephant. When I looked again, there was nothing there. The roaring continued alongside the stable. I dropped the empty shotgun and drew my Eagle.

As the adrenalin rush faded I realized I had seen a raptor, bigger than the previous ones, but just a raptor. The shotgun's sights must have been badly off for me to miss with every shot. There was no blood to be seen beyond the door, so I must have missed. I was angry now. Not only had some stupid raptor nearly scared me to death, but I'd almost wet my shorts because of it.

I stood up and headed for the door. The roaring had stopped so I figured the raptor was probably stalking again, getting ready to jump out from behind something. The only thing he could jump out from behind is the stable itself. In front of the stable was a flat plain for about 50 feet, and then a hill. Nothing a raptor could hide behind. Nothing I could hide behind either.

Rushing out from the stables I spun around to check the side of the stable. The raptor wasn't there, so I ran behind the house. A roar let me know the chase was on. I ran for my life, too scared to turn around and check to see how close the raptor was. It seemed like miles to the end of the house. The raptor was closing, I could hear its claws crunching into the ground getting closer, running towards me. Suddenly I ran past the corner of the house. There were two buildings! I slammed into the corner of the second building and dodged into the alley between them. The raptor slammed into the wall beside me as one claw reached out and slashed my arm open.

The raptor roared as a slammed into a door knocking it partially open and slipping through.  In the room beyond I spun around and aimed at the door. The raptor pounded against the door, knocking it completely open. It stood there, almost as if it was thinking that this was a trap. My first shot hit it full in the chest, knocking it's head and body back and up into the air. My second shot entered through its chin and exited through its skull. The raptor dropped with a thud. I wanted to keep shooting, but I only had six shots left. I couldn't afford to waste any ammunition, as it was I could only hope to kill three more raptors.

The gash on my arm hurt like hell but it was only a scrape. A strip of skin a few inches long had been scraped off. I'd probably have a scar if I lived through this hell. I rested there, alert, listening for more dinosaurs. I waited at least ten minutes before looking carefully beyond the door. The raptor stank, so did I. Tea time was over.

It took me more precious time to circle the house and convince myself that no other raptors were nearby. The second building was empty and the roof was gone. I hoped for a phone in the house itself, but it was almost as badly damaged as the second building. Most of the roof was gone, and large sections of the second floor walls were missing. Inside the house was just as bad and there was no phone or radio. A rusting rifle lay on the floor of an upper room. Between me and it was a large gap and a nasty fall to the ground floor.

I left the house, discouraged at not finding another weapon.

Two choices lay before me - head towards the sea and maybe find a boat, or follow the road near the house to the town. The town seemed a more likely prospect. As I followed the road I heard a distant roar. Not far ahead the road dipped into a valley, the roaring was coming from there. I moved up quickly, but cautiously - I wasn't interested in fighting, I just wanted to get to the town.

The little valley was really no more than a deep depression. A couple of raptors were attacking another dinosaur, one I hadn't seen before. Well, not living anyway. It reminded me of a rhino with three horns. I don't claim to be a dinosaur expert but a triceratops is probably the easiest dinosaur to recognize, at least until you meet a raptor up close and personal.

Blood spurted into the air as the raptors attacked from either side. I blinked and the fight was over. The two raptors lay dead or dying on the ground, bleeding profusely. The triceratops stomped on them, bellowing, and then moved away to chew some grass. I circled the triceratops giving it a wider berth than I had given Spiky before. Anything that can take out two raptors in the blink of an eye is worth respecting.

The hills moved in on the road again beyond the triceratops area. I smiled as I saw a small waterfall with a pool below it. In I went to clean my arm and my dirty clothes. The waterfall felt good but it was a little cold and I couldn't stay in the water for long. I left the pool and headed back to the road, I still had a long way to go.

The road traveled up a slight incline before the hills broke away to reveal an open plain. The plain ended at a dirt wall too high to climb, and the hills all around looked too steep to climb as well. On the plain was a broken, badly tilting section of monorail. Nearby were crates. None of this was important in the least because there, next to the road, was what I had been searching high and low for.

There, sheltered under a small roof, was a phone box! A phone, oh thank god I had finally found a phone. I ran for it, oblivious to the possibility that a raptor might be hiding behind the large crates. There was no handset, but there was a speaker grill and a keypad. I tried dialing the operator and the phone rang! I was ecstatic. It wouldn't be long before I was off this horrible island. A voice answered "The main switchboard is temporarily unattended, please contact your supervisor." I sat and cried.

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