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Anne's Story

Chapter 6, Spying

Wiping the tears from my eyes I stood up and looked around. Trudging over to a large crate I grabbed a short 2x4 and viciously clubbed a smaller crate until it fell to the ground. I wasn't happy and I was going to make every nasty dinosaur just as unhappy as I was.

I jumped up on the crates and managed to get onto the teetering monorail. It was stable, thankfully, but difficult to walk up. This was like hiking in the woods behind my house with my brother, we used to pretend we were on a spy mission. Only there are way too many enemy agents in this game.

As I reached the end of the monorail I saw a raptor. It roared when it saw me and charged. It was difficult to aim on the monorail but six shots later the raptor was dead. Not far ahead I could see another raptor slinking through the rocks, heading my way. Below the monorail were a few crates and a gun cabinet. I jumped onto the crates and then down to the ground racing for the gun cabinet. The raptor raced for it as well. It didn't stand a chance.

A single shot rang out from the .45 Magnum as the raptor crumpled, flipping tail over head before coming to a stop. I stood up and looked around. A shotgun lay near the crates which I quickly snatched up. Difficult to use, but better than nothing.

I advanced down the narrowing valley moving slowing as I went, fearful of a sudden attack. Only a few minutes passed before I came to another dead end. I could see I needed to make some more steps to get past the wall blocking my way so I used the shotgun to shoot a small crate from the top of a larger one. As the crate fell so did a machine gun. I tossed the shotgun and picked up the machine gun. I smiled, feeling only a slight twinge of conscience while I daydreamed about slaughtering a few raptors with it.

Jumping up onto the crates and then above the dirt wall was easy. I was feeling good now though I was still a bit angry from the broken phone. My arm wasn't hurting and the cut from the raptor wasn't bothering me anymore either. A wide plain opened before me and another gun cabinet was nearby and held another machine gun. I left it and strolled across the plain. It was stupid. I was lucky, but it was still stupid. At this point the only thing I was worrying about were raptors. I had completely forgotten about the other meat eater Hammond had created.

The plain was broad, grassy, and beautiful. I noticed some pretty flowers and went for a closer look. They were orchids. I broke one off and stuck it in my hair. The plain stretched away in front of me until it suddenly dropped away.

I approached the edge cautiously not sure if there was a cliff there or perhaps some nasty surprise. The view from the top was impressive. The road ran down the steep hill under a boulder and beyond into a forested area. I could barely see the monorail in the distance. Another brachiosaur was browsing on some of the trees nearby so I felt safe as I ran down the hill.

Did you know that raptors don't eat brachiosaur? I didn't know that either. Hiding behind the boulder blocking the road was another raptor. I heard the pounding of its clawed feet on the hard ground and turned to face it as it roared. It had surprised me and I wasted two shots bringing it down. I drew my machine gun and listened for other raptors as I backed away from the boulder.

Not until the valley wall blocked my way did I stop moving away from the boulder and road. I didn't want to go back to the road, the raptors seemed to always congregate along it. Deciding then and there to stay off the roads as much as possible I moved into the bushes standing between me and the monorail in the distance. A roar ahead of me made me nearly jump out of my skin. I ran forward, sick of being the hunted.

The bushy ferns parted to reveal a wide open area with a crane, a stack of monorail tracks, and two very hungry raptors. The closest raptor was not more than 10 meters away. An empty machine gun later and it lay dead, scattered in pieces. I dropped the machine gun and drew the Magnum. The second raptor was barreling down on me but it wasn't expecting me to charge it. I ran towards it, screaming and firing, it stopped and then ran. I, yes I had scared a raptor. Heady from the hunt it took a few moments before I heard the clicking of my now empty Magnum. Triumph turned to fear. Looking around I couldn't see a gun cabinet, but I could see a mounted gun. I ran for it.

I was at the gun before the raptor realized I wasn't chasing, yelling or shooting at it anymore. It turned and roared. The gun creaked as I slowly turned it around to bear on raptor. It roared again and started running towards me. The mounted rifle was heavy and hard to aim. My first shot missed. At about 100 meters my second shot blew the raptor into the air.

Sweating from the excitement I was suddenly chilled to the bone by a low rumbling roar behind me. The rifle groaned as I spun it around again. Two other raptors were coming up from behind. Approaching cautiously but with the definite intent to turn me into lunch. I grinned. The rifle fired slowly, but the raptors were far too cautious. The first raptor flipped in the air as the bullet hit him. As the second turned tail to run, two shots hit him in the side and tumbled him into the grass. I could smell the blood in the air.

Blood attracts predators, and I was out of ammunition. The rifle still had some shots left, but it was far too heavy to take with me and I needed to get to the town. The monorail looked intact and the crane was a perfect way to get up on it. I would be safe there. Up I went, teetering on the crane and only barely keeping my balance. It was an easy jump to the monorail. I followed the monorail, jumping between sections where they had spread apart. An entire section had fallen and I was forced to jump down and climb back up the fallen section in order to continue. No guns were anywhere to be found.

Jumping from one monorail section to another I heard a roar from below. More raptors. This was getting annoying, and dangerous - I didn't have a gun right now. I ran along the sections, watching as several raptors appeared below following my progress. A metal rail stretching between two sections was a scary sight. If I lost my balance I would surely fallen to my death in the depression below. The only good thing was that the raptors didn't seem able to follow.  As I crawled across the narrow rail the raptors roared their frustration. This made me smile until I realized their were more raptors below the next section of monorail.

I ran again, kicking and pushing crates over the edge of the monorail, trying to hurt a raptor. One heavy crate hit a raptor making a sick crunching sound. It didn't move again. One raptor remained below me while in the distance I saw a cliff wall that the monorail would pass over, but that the raptor certainly couldn't climb.  I would be safe once I was beyond that.

Hammond had built these monorails to last and not once was I ever unsure about walking or running on them. I made a long jump, secure in the knowledge that I would succeed and that the raptor below would be cheated of his meal. Hammond's lousy engineers struck again - as I landed the section gave way beneath my feet and crashed to the ground. I rolled with the fall, bounced up and ran. The startled raptor took only a moment to roar and then give chase. That moment was all I needed to run up another fallen section of monorail, and onto a stable monorail. I was safe once again. The raptor followed below as I reached the cliff.

Looking down at the raptor I gave him a raspberry. I had reached the cliff and he had no way of getting to me. Unfortunately, the monorail ended at the cliff and the road continued far below in a valley on the other side of the cliff.  It would be a long hard fall, but I could see a way down through the rocks. I went down knowing that this was a one way trip - there was no way I could get back up that hill. The raptor continued his growling until I was out of earshot.

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