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Before you use these cheats you should really finish the game first.

Level load cheat
Press, while holding down "Ctrl", "Shift", and "Q", the "W" button in the main menu. A list of levels apears. To load one of the levels just double-click the item.

Command line cheats
Hold down "Ctrl", "Left-Shift", "S" and then press "X" while in the game. If you do this correctly a red cursor should appear in the lower-left corer of the view. Then type one of the following cheat to enable it:
win win current mission
lose lose current mission
macleod invincibility
kill kill the unit currently selected
clear full map
money [number] more supplies
health [number] set health for selected unit
hppr [number] set health percentage for selected unit
upgrade s [number] increase speed attribute
upgrade c [number] increase carry attribute
upgrade d [number] increase damage attribute
upgrade a [number] increase armor attribute
upgrade v [number] increase vision attribute
egg raptor raptor egg
egg trex tyrannosaurus egg
egg stegosaur stegosaurus egg
egg parasaur parasaurus egg
egg dilo dilophosaurus egg
egg triceratops triceratops egg
egg compy compy egg
egg pachycephalosaurus pachycephalosaurus egg
extra increase Eddie's and Nick's response
dead hold the dead
remdul alien character and gun
prince programmers message
core programmers picture
audio [number] enable specified character ending
evets allow special winning setting
raggsdale display available cheats
[Shift] + [F3] pause game
[Shift] + [F4] advance frame by frame
[Shift] + [F5] resume game