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January 1, 2003
Happy newyear! It has been a long time since I last updated, but I once again got some great stuff;
all six music tracks from Chaos Island available in mp3 format.
I've finally managed to convert the audio data into something audible. You can get them on the media-page.
The game's developers also left some funny easter-eggs:

bday.mp3 (46.4kb)
Ian_drunk.mp3 (75.8kb)

October 2, 2002
game cut-scenes available, get them at the media section.

August 21, 2002

New version of CfsHack; v1.1, download it at the hacking section.
Has some small improvements and now you can view some files as text. It still works with the .ini file from v1.0 but I have also included a new one for the people who didn't get it to work. Remember to read the readme file... ;)

August 1, 2002

Great News! The last few weeks I have been hacking Chaos Island and I wrote a tool to extract ANY file from the game's .cfs resource files. I've also figured out some other files I managed to extract; .pal (color palettes) and .aud (audio). I'm currently still working on a way to view/edit/convert .spr (sprites, basically all graphics) files. Most other files are in a ASCII format, that means you can view and edit them in Notepad. I think it's even possible to to make some sort of level editor in the future :). Just check out the new hacking section...

February 10, 2002

I have added the trailer on the media page. This is probably the last update ever of this site. You can still contact me however...

February 9, 2002

Added ingame- and cutscene screenshots. Enjoy the images!

February 8, 2002

I uploaded the site and tested it. Should work in any browser but I'm not sure. Only tested in Internet Explorer 5.5.