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Chaos Island Trailer
Here's a trailer clip released in 1997:

Chaos Island Trailer (3.88 mb)

Ingame cut-scenes
These where extracted using CfsHack. I converted them to AVI so you can view em without Smacker Tools (see download section). Superb quality animations...

intro.avi (7.69 mb)
ship_beach.avi (6.69 mb)
tvst.avi (2.23 mb)
pplant.avi (938 kb)
ending.avi (1.14 mb)

cut3.avi (1.71 mb)

The last one is from the demo. It's a part of the ship/beach clip but isn't finished. Notice the crate moving up in the background as the raptor jumps on top of the crate in the front.

Chaos Island Music

00-chaos01.mp3 (598 kb)
01-chaos02.mp3 (587 kb)
02-chaos03.mp3 (601 kb)
03-chaos04.mp3 (604 kb)
04-chaos05.mp3 (562 kb)
05-chaos06.mp3 (608 kb)

Other sound files

arrival.mp3 (40.3 kb)
compy.mp3 (2.55 kb)
pachy.mp3 (2.55 kb)
para.mp3 (4.20 kb)
raptor.mp3 (3.57 kb)
spitter.mp3 (2.67 kb)
trex.mp3 (8.67 kb)

Windows Media Player is required to play these clips. You can get/update Windows Media Player at the Microsoft website:

Microsoft Media Player

For the AVI files above you'll need the DivX codec:

divx4codec.exe (448 kb)

Thanks to everyone at for allowing me to link the trailer clip. The other clips and audio files are hosted by my buddy Madppiper, thanks dude ;).