“Why did I ever go on this damn trip, I hate plane flights,” I thought to myself as I looked out of the right-side window. “The only nice thing about this trip is the fact that I’ve got away from my so-called friends who put me on this plane in the first place. Damn them all I say, Just wait ’till I get back.” I was so busy mumbling rubbish to myself that I didnt notice that Marquez was having a fit with someone over the radio. I myself dont know much Spanish, but there was one word that was frightenly clear: “Storm!

I heard him repeat to his copilot; I started to feel ill. “Storm? it better not be heading our way, Marquez!” I screamed. “Calm down, Anne, we should be able to pass it with ease.” Yeah right, I knew he was lying, I could see it on his face. “Whatever you say Marquez,” I replied, “just remember, I’m not going to be too happy if something bad happens.” Marquez gulped, turned and went back to the cockpit. “Boy I feel sick,” I said in a whimpering voice. That’s when the Turbulance kicked in.

“Oh, god”

I got up from my seat and almost ran to the toilet. “Urrrrggghhhh,” I must have puked bucketfulls, “yuk”.

Something was happening outside, I dont know what it was but it sounded bad. I got up from the floor and opened the door. “WHOA,” I screamed, “it wasnt the engines, it was the cockpit! It’s blown open!” The wind was whistling hard through the main aisle and I could see that most of the crew had been sucked out through the cockpit.

What am I going to do?

*BANG* the other engine must have blown out, I lost my footing and fell back hitting my head. “Arrrrggh!”

Everything went white.

The next thing I remember was waking up on something soft and warm. “Arrrgggh, my arm!!” It was throbbing pretty badly – it looked like it was broken. “Where am I?”
I slowly got up, only to find that I was by a small rock pool. “Whoa, looks pretty nice, I think i’ll take a dip, it might take away some of the pain.” As I was bathing I saw part of the plane washed up upon some rocks. “Marquez?” I called out; nope, no answer. “Oh man, I have to get off this island, it’s not as if I can swim back to civilisation.” I waded out of the pool and headed out into the trees, not knowing what was around the next corner……..