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DreamWorks game site

Name: falling_crate[1].avi

Size: 887kb

Comments: None

Name: ingen_labs[1].avi

Size: 2.62mb

Comments: None

Name: junglewalk[1].avi

Size: 2.07mb

Comments: None

Name: monorail_1[1].avi

Size: 1.34mb

Comments: None

Name: raptorchase[1].avi

Size: 1.07mb

Comments: None

Name: raptortri[1].avi

Size: 1.78mb

Comments: None

Name: rocknwater[1].avi

Size: 2.72mb

Comments: None

Name: shoot[1].avi

Size: 1.19mb

Comments: None

Name: tigerraptor[1].avi

Size: 1.47mb

Comments: None

Name: trashcanphysics[1].avi

Size: 2.53mb

Comments: None

Trespasser teasers/trailers

Name: t200_640x480.avi

Size: 13.6mb

Comments: Original file is in .viv (RealNetworks) format. This can be downloaded here. The converted .avi file is made by machf.

Name: trespasserGC640x480.avi

Size: 1.6mb

Comments: GameCenter Video

Name: trespas.mpeg

Size: 3.93mb

Comments: None

Trespasser Preview

Name: TP_Tres1.avi

Size: 38.1mb

Comments: German game magazine GameStar’s gameplay of what seems to be Trespasser build 96.