Did you know?



Hidden Desert Eagle

A Desert Eagle can be found on the crate located on top of this block of concrete.

Coordinates: -1927,-905,36



View from the beach

At the top of these foundations, a Hammond voiceover concerning the view from the southern beach is played. This voiceover seems out of place, as Anne has not yet seen the InGen billboard and should not yet be aware of her whereabouts.

Coordinates: -1936,-850,40



Franchi Spas 12

Among the weapons at the ‘shooting range’ is a Franchi Spas 12, the weapon used by Robert Muldoon in the original Jurassic Park movie. The weapon can be found in various locations throughout the game.

Coordinates: -1898,-838,29



Brachiosaur meeting

The Brachiosaur meeting and Anne’s reaction to it mirror the scene in the first Jurassic Park movie where the main cast meet the Brachiosaurs.

Coordinates: -1598,-707,36



Thanks from Brady Bell

Brady Bell, who was the associate producer and audio lead on the Trespasser team, has hidden some thank you notes in small triggers in the Beach level. To view these notes, first go to the box stacking puzzle near the Brachiosaurs and pick up the rock marked on the screenshot below. It has to be this rock, as it has been specificly assigned to work with the triggers.

Coordinates: -1622,-630,48


After picking up the rock, go back to the beginning of the level. The triggers for the notes have been marked on the screenshot below, and are activated by throwing the assigned rock through them. From left to right, the notes are as follows:

“For my wife, Michelle. Your constant support and understanding is like none I’ve ever known. For two and a half years you stood by me and lifted me up during the most challenging period of my life. For all of this, I cannot repay you. I can only promise a return to a normal life. A sane husband and your best friend… all my love, Brady.”

“For my good friend, Kyle. You’ve heard it time and time again, but I’ve never been so impressed by a person’s work ethic. Without you, we would never have shipped this game, and I would’ve left long ago… I’m a better person for having you as a friend. I thank you, Brady.”

“For my buddy, Galvan. I’m glad we’ve grown up to be such close friends. For all the time you put in to learn, and the effort you put forth to make the audio what it is, I thank you. For hounding me about the worst film I know, ‘Titanic’… Burn in hell… Let’s make a film… Go Wings, Brady.”

The notes are displayed the same way subtitles for voiceovers are displayed, so make sure subtitles are activated in the menu.

Coordinates: -1785,-970,21


Note: Once one of the notes is activated, it will play in an infinite loop. To restore normal gameplay, either load a savegame or restart the level.


Atherton Causeway

The Atherton Causeway was named after the late Norman Atherton. Norman was the InGen chief geneticist who is only mentioned in the first Jurassic Park novel. He died of heart cancer and was subsequently replaced by his former student, Henry Wu. Norman is also mentioned by name in a Hammond voiceover played in the Jungle Road level, though the voiceover does not contain any background information on Norman himself.

Coordinates: -1782,-377,44



Unreachable Desert Eagle

Just past the gate at the very end of the level, a supply locker with a Desert Eagle can be found. The supply locker cannot be reached though, as it is located within a trigger that teleports the player to the next level.

Coordinates: -1898,-838,29