New Dinosaur Models

Community member gooplieslime has released their last batch of new converted dinosaurs for you to use in Trespasser mods. The source of these models comes from various places. You can find these HERE.


Wedge_Antilles’ Printable Models

Added on August 14th: You can also follow their page, which contains a few Trespasser models for 3D printing!

WedgeDAntilles over on Discord has launched their own miniature game called “Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Gamewebsite. To quote the website:

“Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game is a tabletop skirmish game that seeks to simulate the thrilling clash of Predator vs Prey! Different Human factions are pitted against each other and Dinosaurs in Earth-shattering battles for dominance!”

For the moment, you are able to buy a selection of 3D printed dinosaurs, while the rule book will be released at a later date.

While the play testing is on-going, there are plans to create a few Trespasser locations for the game, which probably will be the first time Trespasser locations will appear physically anywhere. It is worth checking out and keeping track of if you are into tabletop games!

Make sure to check out their project over on their site: Clone-A-Saurus Website