• Author gooplieslime
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  • Release Date August 13, 2023
  • Last Updated August 13, 2023
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Gooplieslime's Dinosaur Pack 2

The second dinosaur pack by gooplieslime, dinosaurs included (including credits):

JP1 Trex & JP3 Spino: Model done by me and textures are photoshopped from pictures from Stan Winstons Studios
JWTG Majunga: Model & Texture from Jurassic World the Game/Ludia
Oviraptor: Model from Dinosaur King DS game and textures done by me.
PS1 Allo & Carno: Model from JPOG and textures from the PS1 Lost World
TLW Arcade Raptors, Carno and Edmon: Raptor Models done by me, Carno and Edmon are from JPOG. Textures from the lost world arcade.
WWD Big Al: Model & Texture from WWD Dinosaur World
Sarcosuchus: Model & Texture from Dinosaur Safari ( Series of Assetflip games)

JP3 Spino sounds: JP3 movie
TLW arcade Carno & Raptor sounds: TLW arcade & JPTG
PS1 Carno sounds: TLW PS1