Did you know?

Ascent, Part 1


Lindstradt toxic rifle

Near the supply locker at the very beginning of the level, the only working Lindstradt toxic rifle in the game can be found. The fictional Lindstradt weapons first appeared in the Lost World novel, in which they were specially manufactured in Sweden for Dr. Richard Levine. The toxic rifle is one of the most effective weapons in the game. With the exception of the Tyrannosaur, all dinosaurs in the level can be killed with a single dart. The Tyrannosaur will require 3 darts to the head – which is the only way to kill a Tyrannosaur in the game without using cheats.

Coordinates: 1450,430,149



Mayan stairs

[Mayan stairs]

Coordinates: 1897,318,81




Alternate path

To the right of the stairs, an alternate path to the Mayan ruins can be found. The path winds around and will bypass the stairs.

Coordinates: 1927,330,78



Unreachable Desert Eagle

A Desert Eagle is located under these Mayan ruins. It cannot be reached though, as it has been placed much too low for Anne to reach.

Coordinates: 1849,139,121



Hidden Franchi Spas 12

A Franchi Spas 12 is hidden just underneath the terrain at these Mayan ruins. When at the ruins, turn on the ‘bones’ cheat to reveal the outlines of the weapon.

Coordinates: 1849,139,121



Edge of the world

A hidden Anne voiceover regarding the Mayans is played at the back of the temple.

Coordinates: 1892,-17,141.5



Elevator variant

A different version of the elevator in the second Ascent level can be found at the top of the mountain, though it has no scripting or physics.

Coordinates: 1287,60,468