Did you know?

Jungle Road


Geothermal plant reference

A sign featuring steam pipes is located back at the monorail station. It cannot be reached though, as the station is located beyond the gate, and within an invisible barrier. Also, this version of the monorail station does not have any scripting or physics. The sign is a leftover reference to the geothermal plant that would have appeared in the cut Pine Valley level. When teleporting to the coordinates, Anne will be pushed out of the invisible barrier instantly.

Coordinates: -1802,-372,33



Hidden sledgehammer

A sledgehammer can be found on top of this construction shack.

Coordinates: -2107,-162,49



Mayan ruins

Near the small waterfall and the fight between the Triceratops and Raptors, the first Mayan ruins of the game can be found.

Coordinates: -2107,-162,49



Plantation house ruins

Left and up the hill from where the Triceratops and Raptors face off, the ruins of an ancient Spanish plantation house can be found.

Coordinates: -2229,-32,55



Secret compartment

The bookcase in the plantation house has a secret compartment with a Calico MP5 and a gold bar inside.

Coordinates: -2107,-162,49



Wall decor

One of the rooms in the plantation house contains a painting based on a portrait of Philip III created by Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez. Philip III was the King of Spain and King of Portugal and the Algarves, where he ruled as Philip II of Portugal, from 1598 until his death in 1621.

On the second floor, a 19th century map labeled ‘Las Cinco Muertes’ can be found hanging from the wall. It is translated as ‘The Five Deaths’ and is, of course, a reference to the island chain mentioned in both the Lost World novel and movie. It consists of Isla Matanceros, Isla Muerta, Isla Pena, Isla Tacaño and Isla Sorna.

Coordinates: -2221,-78,55 / -2221,-78,59



Cathy’s Beach

This small beach represents the area of the opening scene of the Lost World movie, in which Cathy wanders off from her parents and is subsequently attacked by Procompsognathuses, often referred to as ‘Compys’.

Coordinates: -2449,37,8



Misplaced voiceovers

Beyond the invisible barriers at Cathy’s Beach, triggers for both an Anne and a Hammond voiceover are placed.

Coordinates: -2614,368,11 / -2505,382,45



Hidden Valley

Just like an in-game hint suggests, there was once another way to explore the Jungle Road level. With the ruins of the plantation house on the left, travel right until reaching a Triceratops. Here, the terrain has been altered to go straight up, making the valley ahead inaccessable. Teleport to the coordinates to reach the ‘Hidden Valley’. Though the area is unused in the game, it has not been entirely stripped. Some parts are left sparsely populated with sound triggers, trees and foilage. The path will eventually lead to the monorail.

Coordinates: -2220,234,22



Lindstradt tranquillizer pistol

At the foot of a pillar near the first manlifter, a Lindstradt tranquillizer pistol can be found. This fictional weapon first appeared in the Lost World novel, in which it was specially manufactured in Sweden for Dr. Richard Levine. It can be found in various locations throughout the game.

Coordinates: -1843,467,49



Springfield .45 M1911

Outside the playing area, the unused Springfield .45 M1911 can be found floating high in the sky. Teleport to the coordinates and use a weapon to bring it down. It can be brought back into the playing area, though it is missing most of its scripting and has no associated sounds or real physics. Anne will not hold the pistol properly when picked up and it will not make any sound when fired.

Coordinates: 22,79,2